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Star Wars: Legacy (Vol. 5) – The Hidden Temple


After another detour from last time, we meet up with Cade after his adventures from Claws of the Dragon.  He wants to do nothing but run away from his problems and, in doing so, we (as readers) meet more of his extended family, namely his uncle Nat/Rawk – who is kind of an awesome character.  I guess I like this guy so much because he is the type of mentor who won’t take any crap from anyone.  He has that Jedi training, but he’s also left that life behind for other desires.  Since he has a mix of the Jedi and “average Joe” mentality, he’s able to really see things in a different perspective.  It is a refreshing outlook for a character in this series.

That said, I have become completely fed up with Cade.  I still like the character, but he is just completely obnoxious.  As I mentioned above, he keeps running from his problems.  Earlier on, he was willing to give himself back to the Jedi way.  Now, he wants to be left alone.  I know this is an ongoing series, but the continuous resetting to the status quo gets incredibly annoying.  However, I think there is some silver lining in the fact that Cade is now wanted and bounty hunters are after him.  He can’t hide and run.

This is probably the best element of The Hidden Temple in that we are starting to really get some momentum in the over-all storyline of Star Wars: Legacy.  There has definitely been a slow burn so far with setting up this universe over the previous four volumes.  Now, not only does Cade made up his mind on what he needs to do, but all the different factions who are opposed to Darth Kryat’s rule (the Jedi, the Alliance, the Imperials) are starting to come together.  This is great.

Still don’t care much for the Jedi.  And Ostrander and Duursema aren’t doing them any favors by having them act difficult when trying figure out the best way to deal with Krayt.  Cade suggests to just outright assassinate him.  The Imperials are in favor, but the Jedi refuse claiming that isn’t the Jedi way.  This might be true, but remember in Revenge of the Sith when Yoda pretty much says they have to kill the Emperor and Anakin because they were Sith?  Why was that okay, but not this?  I am not citing some “canon violation” or anything like that, but there does seem to be some contradiction in their actions.  Maybe some Star Wars geek (I mean that affectionately) out there can explain it to me how it isn’t a contradiction.

And then there is Syn and his hatred of the Jedi.  Turns out one killed his father and he hates them for it.  Kind of clichéd, especially after all the build-up and slight mystery surrounding it.  More disappointingly is that it seemed to be resolved way too quickly with a “your father was a jerk” explanation.  I hope this actually goes somewhere and leads to some character development for Syn.  Otherwise, it feels flat.

I know I am being hard on The Hidden Temple.  It kind of deserves it, but I did love the momentum that this story provides.  It pushes things along.  It is more of the fine details that bring down this collection in my eyes.  But, to be honest, I am excited to see where this story goes next.  It sets up a lot of good possibilities.

Stray Thoughts:

I almost forgot about Princess Sia.  She seemed like she was going to be a big player in this, but she’s largely been pushed aside since that first arc.

When did Nat leave the Jedi order?  Was it before the war or after it?  It is a bit unclear. And if it is after, then why isn’t he harder on Cade for rejecting the Jedi lifestyle?  Perhaps this will be revealed since we don’t know why Nat left it himself.  Or, more importantly, why didn’t Cade try to stay with him when they discovered each other (maybe Cade couldn’t since he was in the service of Rav).

Despite some consideration that it might come off as inconsistent, I do like how the supporting cast keeps changing.


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