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Survivor: Cagayan – Season 28, Episode 3 – “Our Time to Shine”

Throwing a challenge almost never works out for a tribe. For every Billy Garcia ouster, there’s a dozen who get Trish Dunn’d out of the game. The last successful thrown challenge might have been on Redemption Island, when the Zapatera tribe threw the Immunity Challenge to oust Russell, who was seen as devious and not a team player. That was in 2011, some odd six seasons ago. So when Sarah considers throwing a challenge to get rid of the popular Cliff, I immediately did a head take. This is the most surprising development in the episode, but it wasn’t the only entertaining portion. Read on…

The Brawn tribe participates in the Reward Challenge.

The Brawn tribe participates in the Reward Challenge.

Everything is coming up great for the majority alliance in the Beauty tribe. Led by L.J., the alliance blindsided Brice last week when Jeremiah stuck to his guns and voted with Alexis, Jefra, and L.J. Morgan is not happy at all with Jeremiah’s “betrayal” and immediately plans to oust him in the future. She is even able to pull Alexis aside and plant a seed of doubt in her mind. At the Brawns tribe, Sarah is planning on blindsiding Cliff (who is likable and has a strong bond with Lindsey), but she needs Woo’s help. This will be difficult, because Woo and Cliff are tight. Woo understands, however, that the opportunity to win a million dollars in the future rests with voting with the majority right now. Sarah swears to Tony that Woo will help them.

The Beauty tribe has been riding high.

The Beauty tribe has been riding high.

The tribes convene for a Reward Challenge, where the winning tribe will get three hens and a rooster. The second place team will win a dozen eggs. The third place tribe gets nothing. The game is a classic Survivor blindfold fetch-quest, with Cliff, Tasha, and Morgan calling the shots. The Beauty tribe gets off to an amazing start, never looking back and winning the challenge handily (they’ve finished first in many challenges). The Brains tribe gets off to a strong start, but J’Tia slows them down, allowing the Brawn a shot at winning second place. J’Tia cannot get the final item, a tribal flag, onto the platform for the win. Tony easily gets his flag on the platform, and Cliff wins second place for the Brawn.

Back at the beaches, Sarah really wants to throw the Immunity Challenge. She perceives Cliff and Lindsey’s alliance as threatening, seeing them as an inseparable pair. Spencer laments another challenge loss, and Jeremiah and the Beauty tribe expound on which came first, the chicken or the egg? Jeremiah is the only one who can apparently prepare a chicken for dinner, and he jokes about this because he is a model and I guess models are supposed to be useless or something. The Beauties share a roasted chicken, and Morgan makes a note to say that even though Jeremiah prepared dinner, she’s still going to take him out in the future. Some people just can’t enjoy anything I guess.

The Immunity Challenge is a two-part game, involving diving down into the water to release a

Spencer watches the Immunity Challenge in abject horror.

Spencer watches the Immunity Challenge in abject horror.

series of buoys and then using those buoys to shoot into a basket. The first tribe to release all five of their buoys and then make them into the basket wins Immunity. Second place is safe as well, but third place must head to Tribal Council. The Beauty tribe once again dominates, with L.J. and Jeremiah making particularly short work of the buoys. Spencer does his absolute best to keep the Brains together, but J’Tia drops the ball again. Even though Brawn is trying to lose the stupid challenge, they still can’t lose. Eventually, they take second place despite doing basically everything they can to hand the challenge to the Brains. Spencer looks on, absolutely flustered and kind of horrified. This is something I’ve never, ever seen on Survivor in any other season.

After the challenge, Spencer is just all kinds of down. He knows he is on the chopping block, and feels this is incredibly unfair because of how hard he has worked to keep the tribe together, and how crappy J’Tia has been throughout the game. Kass wants to keep Spencer around, but Tasha is a bit leery of him. She feels that J’Tia would be more loyal after a tribal swap or merge. At Tribal Council, Jeff seems to indicate that J’Tia has been the weak point of the tribe, and J’Tia confesses that while she has been bad in challenges, she has been good in other aspects of the game (remember now that she dumped out the rice). When the votes are read, Spencer is spared a torch snuffing, and J’Tia is voted out of the game 3 to 1. It was the right decision, same as it was way back in the first episode.


One response to “Survivor: Cagayan – Season 28, Episode 3 – “Our Time to Shine”

  1. James Langston March 13, 2014 at 8:15 am

    The Brawn tribe trying to throw that challenge was idiotic! Cliff has no chance to win the game; he’ll never get the votes; he’s already a millionaire!

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