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Star Wars: Legacy (Vol. 4) – Alliance


As I continue my journey through the adventures of Cade Skywalker, I find that this collection has a distinct absence of Cade Skywalker.  I was sold on this series with the idea of it being the tales of a Skywalker descendant (not unlike the two movie trilogies), but that really has not been the case.  Like the second volume, Alliance features two stories outside of our main characters which expand the universe of Star Wars: Legacy.  While they are interesting and I have no doubt that these threads will dovetail into the main narrative of this series, I cannot help but be disappointed bn the lack of what I thought Legacy was going to be about.

I suppose it is understand able as the previous collection featured a huge bombastic adventure.  Now is time to pick up some of the pieces and see what else is going on in the galaxy far, far, away.    In the first story, we see the remnant of the Galactic Alliance led by Admiral Stazi steal a powerful new ship from the Sith.  This then leads Stazi to encounter the Imperial forces loyal to Ronan Fel.  The result of which leads to the beginning of an alliance between the two galactic powers.  This is, obviously, a big move for the series and will likely play out over time.

I really like Admiral Stazi.  He was briefly featured in volume two, but here he is given much more of a central role.  I am looking forward to seeing more of this guy down the line.

The other story sees the fallout from Claws of the Dragon with Darth Wyyrlok traveling to an ancient Sith temple in order to seek more information to preserve Darth Krayt’s life. It is an okay story, but ultimately somewhat frivolous. We get more of an idea of who Wyyrlok is as he’s largely been a blank slate this far.  The story events, themselves, didn’t really add anything in the end.

As an aside, there was an editor’s note in this story saying it takes place after the events of volume five, yet from what I can tell, it takes place immediately after volume three.  Confusing matters even further is that the specific issue was released after all the issues that are contained in the fifth collection (but was moved to the fourth collection for simplicity’s sake).  So either that is a misprint or the end events of the next collection shockingly mirror the end events of Claws of the Dragon.  My guess is that it is just a misprint, but I’ll be finding out soon enough.

Alliance was a bit of a lackluster collection overall.  It did some stuff that likely was needed to be done (such as fleshing out the Galactic Alliance), but I feel that the series is currently in a holding pattern with these background events needing to happen before the narrative can get going again.

Stray Thoughts:

How is Fel alive?  Granted, he isn’t featured in this collection, but the Sith presumably know where he is.  Can’t they just go to Bastion and stomp him out?

I do not envy the collection editor having to place all of these issues together in a sellable format.  However, I do wonder why the final story wasn’t placed first since it picks up right where Claws of the Dragon left off.  Not that it makes a big difference either way; it’s just strange.

Just to get my continuity straight: the Galactic Alliance is evolution of the New Republic which Luke, Leia, and Han fought to establish in the original trilogy.  Now that it is largely decimated, it really makes you feel that all their efforts were for naught.  On the other hand, the Empire (either one) evolved from the Old Republic (as featured in the prequel trilogy) which has been going for a good 1000 years.


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