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Speed Reading! – The Flash #28


“Deadman Walking”

We continue this murdering ghost story from last month, but now writer Brian Buccellato adds in the concept of body hopping!  This arc got really supernatural!  It’s great and a refreshing change of pace from the previous arcs thus far.  I like it when a title changes it up every now and again.  A lot is going on and, luckily, Flash gets a partner of sorts in Deadman to help talk out what’s going on so he (and the readers) can understand.  I like the banter between Deadman and Flash.  They play off each other well.  More importantly, the expositional dialogue between the two of them is very natural and never feels dumped on the reader which is good considering that there are some really wacky things going on in this issue.

The thing I really like about this issue is that it really feels packed with story that it felt like it took me forever to read it.  That is not a bad thing.  With current comics, too many times does it feel like an issue is over before it begins because it was light on material and more focused on showcasing the artists talents with splash pages.  Not that there is anything wrong with that, but with comic books costing on average $3.99 a pop (note: currently The Flash is $2.99 per issue), it is great when I find myself lost within an issue where every page counts and you really get your money’s worth.

Back to the issue, they are laying it on really think with Frye possibly being Barry’s father or not.  Really thick.  It might be too much.  I know it is going somewhere as I doubt Buccellato would drum up this much interest without having some sort of pay off.  If Frye is Barry’s real dad, then I really hope that there is some other layer to it.  Otherwise, it would just seem a bit too matter-of-fact and not give a satisfying conclusion.

Speaking of conclusions, next month will mark Brian Buccellato’s final issue writing The Flash.  This, in turn, will then end the direction the book had since the start of the New 52.  While issue 24 might have been the “real” ending, next month will complete the epilogue.  Sad, but exciting times.  I can’t wait to see how what remaining threads will be wrapped up!

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