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Survivor: Cagayan – Season 28, Episode 2 – Cops R’ Us

In last week’s season premier, the Brains tribe self-destructed, losing both challenges and a large percentage of their rice. In tonight’s episode, we pick up where we last left off, with J’Tia, Tasha, Kass, and Spencer looking downright miserable, as a torrential downpour threatens to upend their very existence. Life is not good at the Brains campsite. The rain affects the Beauty and Brawn tribes as well, however, as Lindsey of the Brawn tribe and Jefra of the Beauty tribe begin to slowly break down. It even appears for a brief moment that Lindsey might quit the game, but she sticks it through.

Tonight's Immunity Challenge featured buckets of water and a puzzle wheel.

Tonight’s Immunity Challenge featured buckets of water and a puzzle wheel.

Not everyone is down due to the weather. Woo seems fairly giddy, and also seems to be enjoying what he calls a true Survivor experience. His tribemate Tony is also thriving, due to a newfound alliance with fellow cop Sarah (hence the title of the episode). Tony pulls a fast one on Sarah, informing her that Cliff and Woo are behind a potential ouster for her. Sarah immediately joins Tony in an alliance, and the two bond over their “blue blood” backgrounds. Meanwhile, L.J. isn’t having any of the rain nonsense either, and the de facto leader of the Beauty tribe even successfully goes hunting for an Immunity Idol, finding it tethered to a rock in the ocean. He notes that no one will know about his idol until he is forced to use it.

Tree mail eventually arrives at the three campsites, and the Brains practice for the upcoming Immunity Challenge, set amusingly to the Blue Danube waltz. The challenge tonight involves buckets of water and a giant puzzle, as do many Survivor immunity challenges. The Brains quickly stumble, and the Beauty tribe actually finishes the first section of the challenge quickly, with the Brawn tribe not far behind them. Cliff and Woo make the giant puzzle wheel look rather easy, and finish first for the Brawn tribe. They receive immunity as well as an assortment of blankets, pillows, and a tarp. Beauty is in prime position to finish second place, but the Brains stage an amazing come back, and pull off the upset to finish with immunity and a tarp for their effort.

Beauty goes back to their beach dejected at the stunning loss. They note that the horrible weather seriously affected their moods, and put partial blame on the rain for the loss. I could see that. Suspicions over the upcoming Tribal Council vote fall on Alexis and Brice. Morgan and Brice plot with Jeremiah to vote out Alexis. L.J. wants Brice out of the game. Jefra will not vote for Alexis, and vice versa. In the initial vote, Brice, Alexis, and Morgan receive two votes each, with L.J., Alexis, Jefra, and Jeremiah splitting the vote two-two-two. An obviously annoyed Brice notices Jeremiah’s betrayal, and on the re-vote Brice is eliminated from the game. I can’t say he made much of an impression on me.



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