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Star Wars: Legacy (Vol. 2) – Shards


I really enjoyed the first collection of Star Wars: Legacy.  It set up such an interesting new take on the Star Wars universe by being familiar and new at the same time.  I was looking forward to the further adventures of Cade and his friends against the villainy of Darty Krayt.  The second collection, Shards, doesn’t quite do that.  Cade’s journey does continue, but not until the very end.  Most of this volume has nothing to do with him.  Instead, Shards mostly tells tales which seem largely one-off centering on minor characters and incidents.

This was an interesting choice by primary writer John Ostrander to veer away from his protagonist this early into the series.  On the other hand, it allowed for exploration of this corner of the Star Wars universe.  Because this series takes place in a brand new time/setting, it is unfamiliar to both fans and new comers.  This was probably a smart move before going forward.

Part of this world building gives readers a lot of backstory on some of our minor characters.  Calixte is an interesting character so far. As I’ve previously noted, she has some sort of agenda.  Here we see her playing the Moffs and the Sith.  As I said, she’s interesting so far – emphasis on the “so far”.  I trust the Ostrander will not drag this “mystery agenda” too much longer and, while not giving away everything, will start to offer nuggets of what her deal is.  Having a “mystery agenda” linger for too long can potentially bore and frustrate an audience.

The final story returns to Cade and his own personal self-doubts.  We learn what happened to him after the fall of the Jedi/death of his father seven years previous and what he needed to survive.  In order to help him get his head screwed back on straight, we are treated to several cameos (via Force Ghosts) of prior Skywalkers.  It is cool to see, but it seems a bit forced.  References are nice, but I feel that this series can stand nicely on its own without reminders of the movie series.

While reading the Cade story, I felt there was a missing chapter as Cade and company end up on Ossus, yet keep referring to something happening between now and the end of Broken.  Maybe it’s nothing, but something just seems off.  In any event, the collection ends nicely with a minor cliffhanger setting up the next chapter.  Hopefully now that more world building has been done, we can move on with the Cade’s story.

Stray Thoughts:

How many Sith are there?  A few get killed off during this volume, but there still seems to be plenty more to go around.

Was Cade’s mother public knowledge?  If not, how do you keep the mate of a prominent Jedi a secret without people asking questions?

Now that R2 is around, it begs the question: what happened to C3PO?


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