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‘Todd Margaret’ is Wacky and Irrelevant


The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret is a completely insane show.  It really is.  Starring David Cross as the titular character, the show sees our hero, Todd Margret, sent to London to sell an energy drink for the company he works for.  Here’s the catch, he has zero business experience and was only promoted to this position when his boss (Will Arnett) catches him acting way more competent than he actually is.  Not helping matters is that Todd is a compulsive liar and continues to spin implausible stories in order to get out of whatever hole he dug himself into (most of the time, he only digs himself deeper).

The thing I really appreciated about this series is that there are a lot of gags early on that pay off down the road.  It really rewards the viewers who watch it from the beginning (which, to be honest, to understand anything that is going on, you have to).  And because the show is only twelve episodes long, the pay-offs come quicker and are a bit more satisfying than other series who try to pull of an ongoing storyline.

The humor of Todd Margaret is firmly planted in cringe.  The situations Todd finds himself in are usually pretty awful and of his own doing.  It’s done intentionally awkward, but Cross and his cohorts are careful not to push it too far to the point of uncomfortably.  This is a delicate trick to pull off, but they succeed in it.  The series is also often times dark or turns dark unexpectedly.  Clearly Cross believes in the concept of “nothing’s sacred” in terms of humor and I was really shocked at some of the places the show went, particularly towards the end of the series.

Speaking of the end, if I had any problems with the series, it would have to be in the final episode or two.  Starting from the first scene in the first episode, we know where Todd’s misadventures are going to end up.  But when we finally get to those circumstances, it feels as if Todd was largely side-lined for other ridiculous hijinks (which, while not bad, didn’t quite gel with the tone or humor of the rest of the series).  It just felt like such a tangent in context of the rest of the series.

However, while I had some issues with the finale, it doesn’t do a disservice to the rest of the series (and the last half of the final episode, for that matter).  The point of the series is to make the view laugh. People going into it looking for a solid, tight storyline are not really going to get one.  Cross even kind of hints at this throughout the series.

While, I would recommend checking out The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret if you like incredibly wacky humor that just increases its insanity as it goes along, I am not sure how much re-watchability the series has.  Most of the enjoyment comes from what’s going to happen next.  It is currently on Netflix and is only 12 episodes long.  It is worth a shot to check out.


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