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That time when Zack and Nick watched ‘RoboCop’

This is the opening weekend for the RoboCop remake. To be honest, I am looking forward to (eventually) seeing this movie as it strikes me as an effective action flick with an impressive cast.  I also don’t have a nonsensical hate-boner for remakes.  Due to life and other things, it might be a while before I am able to see it unfortunately.

However, all the recent RoboCop stuff on movie news sites got me thinking about the original movie.  No, I’m not going to write a review of the film or anything like that.  It’s great – how does that work?  Instead, I was drawn back to the first time I actually saw RoboCop in its entirety.  It was a somewhat amusing experience, so, taking a little dip outside our normal fare, I’m going to recollect the first time I watched RoboCop.


It was 2005.  I was a senior in college and, as a way to help pay for my education, I took a job as a RA in one of the dorms.  It was around the middle of the semester, and I was on duty for the weekend.  This meant that I really wasn’t allowed to leave the dorm.  It was my last weekend duty shift for the semester (by happenstance, I got all of mine out of the way early), and I was looking forward to it.  That might sound strange, but I was planning on making an event out of my Saturday.  Friends and other floor mates came out and we made a huge hotdog feast (one of my residents had a gimmicky hotdog maker).

Hey, I know it was lame, but it was in February, and I needed something to do if I was trapped inside.

Anyway, Zack, of Culture Cast fame, came by and he was insistent that I watch RoboCop.  I was game, so he and I started to watch that night.  We were nearly at the end of the film (the part where RoboCop and Boddicker were fighting in the mud – maybe 10 minutes left) when a girl that we knew stopped by my room.  To protect the innocent, I will refer to this girl as Sara.

Sara was a relatively nice girl, but a bit talkative and a little bit of her could go a long way.  Zack and I came to know her through mutual friends on the floor, and she was visiting one of them (who had a super huge unrequited crush on her at the time) that evening.  We’ll call him Jason.

Because Zack and I were “mature” 22 year olds at the time, we had given Sara a tongue-in-cheek and questionable-at-best alliterative nickname centering on a generous part of her anatomy.  Never to her face, of course, because Zack and I are cowards.  Moving on…

She comes by, and we pause the movie.  We chat for a little bit.  Nothing exciting.  Mostly small talk.  We tell her that we’re watching RoboCop.  She says “Oh, that’s great,” and continues talking.  And then continues talking.

And continues talking.

Zack and I are pretty patient people, but we really were into RoboCop at the moment and desperately wanted to get back to it.  During this conversation, Zack and I occasionally brought up how we were watching the movie.  With tact.  We were not rude about it.  We also kept asking if Jason was looking for her.  Either she didn’t get the hint or just didn’t care, because she continued on talking about God knows what.

Jason came by a few times wondering what was up and why she wasn’t coming back to his room.  Our salvation, right?  Wrong.  She seemed to have little interest in hanging out with him.  Maybe that’s why she wasn’t leaving.  Mildly irritated, Jason returned to his room.  Sara continue to stay.

This went on for a good two and a half hours.  Longer than the RoboCop movie itself.  We could not get her to leave, and we didn’t want to be jerks about it.  Normally we would have been fine talking with her.  We genuinely liked her.  But we really, really wanted to finish RoboCop.  Eventually, I had to do my late night rounds, and getting tired, Zack returned to his apartment.  Sara then returned to Jason’s room.  Or went back to her own dorm.  I can’t really recall.  All I know is that she eventually left.

After my rounds, I watched the last 10 minutes of RoboCop.  Some of enthusiasm for the movie had diminished in the intervening time.

After I finished my undergrad, Zack and I lost contact with Sara, so I am not sure where she is at now.  When I get nostalgic for my senior year, I occasionally wonder what ever happened to her.  Wherever she is now, I do know that she made a lasting impression on Zack and me in that we will never, ever be able to watch RoboCop the same again.



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