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Speed Reading! – The Flash #27

"History Lessons, Part One"

“History Lessons, Part One”

Brian Buccellato begins his final arc on The Flash in a story that, apparently, has been a long time coming.  Rumor has it way back during the first year of the New 52, Buccellato and then-collaborator Francis Manapul planned to do a CSI-type story that looked back at the history of Central City.  This story was shelved in order to move up Captain Cold’s debut.  Now, it appears that story was re-purposed as a final capstone to Buccellato’s (and Manapul’s) run on the title. 

And it really isn’t surprising with what they are doing.  One of the central mysteries which has lingered in the background of The Flash was who killed Barry’s mother.  It has been unresolved and Barry has shown to be obsessive over bringing the killer to justice due to the fact that his father is imprisoned for the crime.  It seems right that the title is finally dipping into this. 

I have to say that I found myself enjoying the issue way more than I anticipated.  Not that I was predicting to hate it or anything like that, but I really became invested with what was going on.  I do appreciate a good mystery, and this issue has a nice one.  More enticing is that we finally get a reveal about Captain Frye (which, let’s be honest, surprises absolutely no one).  I do have a feeling that there is still more to Frye than we know currently (I have a theory which I don’t care much for, but I’m going to keep it to myself to avoid potentially spoiling it).  Plus, this issue gives us g-g-g-gghoosts! 

Moving on, I especially like how this story uses the Central City CSI unit.  One of the slight disappointments I have had with this series is that that supporting cast is largely left alone when they seem to be really fun characters.  It was great to see them again.  I hope they continue to pop-up in this arc and that the next creative team taking over in issue 30 uses them more generously.

Patrick Zircher’s art is okay.  I suppose it really isn’t the style that I generally like.  However, it really works for this story.  That is the thing about art.  It can be good or bad, but regardless of that sometimes the art can really pop if it works within the tone of the story.  Zircher’s does that as his somewhat darker flair really meshes with this murder mystery. 

I was disappointed with the issue ended, because I was really getting into the story.  I am looking forward to part two next month to see where this increasingly strange tale wants to take readers next.

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