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Didn’t We Use to Do a Podcast?

When Zack and I started The Culture Cast, we had one simple goal in mind: become the driving force of the internet surpassing the popularity of cat videos and pornography combined.  We eventually scaled back our ambition, but those of you who follow us probably noticed that, besides American Hustle, we haven’t had a new podcast episode up in nearly two months.  Don’t worry, we’ve noticed that too.  Normally, we hold our followers in contempt and just assume they will blindly follow us no matter what schlock we put out.  But we also realize that’s a poor business plan, so it is probably good to say what’s been going on.

See, at first, we just needed some time off to recharge our juices (plus the busyness December holidays didn’t help much).  We were planning to restart after the New Year.  However, we’ve been having huge technical issues with 1) the original programs we used to record the podcasts stopped being compatible with each other, and 2) my headset microphone completely crapped out and my attempts to replace/fix it have been for naught thus far (seriously – it was fine since I got it a year ago and then it just stopped working – I have no idea why!).

We want to get back to making “quality” contemporary commentaries on movies, TV shows, and other pop-culture topics for all to “enjoy”.   In the meantime, please continue to check out our frequent movie reviews and recurring features such as What Went Wrong and Trek Tuesday.  And we’ll be back with a brand-new podcast episode real soon!



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