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Nic Cage has “Stolen” My Heart

Perhaps I’m trying too hard as of late with these article titles.  Maybe I’ll make that my shtick for 2014.  Anyway…


I took a look at the 2012 Nic Cage flick, Stolen.  Personally, I think this film came about after Nicolas Cage saw the movie Taken and wanted to make his own version.  The story centers around former career criminal Will Montgomery (Cage) who just got out of the clink.  Eight years prior, he was caught during a bank robbery gone wrong.  His new mission in life is to desperately reconnect with his somewhat estranged teenage daughter (a capable Sami Gayle).  Alas, Will’s old partner, Vincent (an almost unrecognizable Josh Lucas), wants the loot from that old bank robbery.  Vincent kidnaps Will’s daughter until Will can deliver the money.  One problem: Will burned the money right before he was arrested, so there is no money to give.  Will now has 24 hours to come up with a plan to get his daughter back.

The rest of the movie is Nic Cage hunting down Josh Lucas to get his daughter back (with an incredibly goofy heist thrown in there too for good measure).  So, basically Taken with a Nic Cage twist.

I liked this movie for what it is.  When you watch a Nic Cage movie, you are never quite sure what you are going to get.  Do you get the more intense Nic Cage of Bad Lieutenant or the more light-hearted Nic Cage of National Treasure?  Thankfully (because I prefer the latter), we get more of the National Treasure Nic Cage here.  Oh, there are moments of intensity, but the film is never becomes dour.

Fantastic in this movie is Josh Lucas as the villainous Vincent.  He is so incredibly manic and over the top that it is wonderful.  It is so cartoony.  He looks like total white trash with dirty long hair, missing teeth, and stained shirts.  He even has a prosthetic leg!  This could have been a laughable role, but Lucas makes it work as it is clear that he is having the time of his life playing this character.

Make no mistake: Stolen isn’t some masterpiece of filmmaking here.  Some things stretches credibility, but it is a lot of fun and a good distraction for an hour and half or so.  Especially for this kind of film.  To close, let’s just say that this movie involves a sequence where Nic Cage drives a car that’s on fire (when he’s also on fire) through an amusement park.  Case closed on the particular kind of greatness that is Stolen.


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