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The Gorehound Reviews: Insidious: Chapter 2 (’13)

The original Insidious (’10) scared the shit out of me. What I mean to say is that it was landmark in my repertoire. It MADE you frightened. It didn’t try to impose the feelings of fright on you but more rather created a new technology which transmits emotions through the electronic signals of the DVD to the TV to the brain. No other film holds that recognition of putting the Gorehound in such fright but the combination of James Wan, Rose Byrne, Patrick Wilson, and Lin Shaye certainly did it. It’s the story of a child haunted by the remnant ability of his father to view the other side. But with this ability, the other side can also see in! A ghost from the other side sees this bridge and tries to immerse itself in the living world. Only through the help of paranormal hunters and family love can this twisted world become undone… or is it enough to destroy this bridge?!


Three years later from the original and directed by recurring actors and director, the Gorehound yearned for this viewing. Quite to his humor, it was released on Christmas Eve and due to a Christmas-loving wife, he was put on hold for a few days. But alas! The Gorehound dug around the depths of New Lenox and found the bloody copy of this disgusting wretch of a film. He got a hold of this sacred DVD and viewed it one dreary night when that significant other had left the residence for more feminine and ladylike concerns. Oh how I miss her presence but how I embrace the granted ability to view and take in all the gore that one Gorehound can handle in one drunken and gluttonous night!

The sight of the mother of Parker Crane. Despite the overall poor quality of the film, none of it is due to the beautiful Rose Byrne.

The sight of the mother of Parker Crane. Despite the overall poor quality of the film, none of it is due to the beautiful Rose Byrne.

During the initial phase of the movie the Gorehound waited. Would he be immediately intrigued? Would he be caught on the directorial hook? It was not so. The Gorehound waited to be completely engrossed in the film but after 30 minutes he lost confidence. Was this the sequel to the fantastic piece of film that lifted the Gorehound to new heights? How was he not hooked half way through?! At this point the Gorehound demanded AT LEAST goosebumps and chills!

That moment of cinematic enrapture never came and it was dearly unfortunate, this movie did not live up the expectation. Yes, we see the frights but only a few jumps. The first half has nothing significant to tell “This is the sequel to the acclaimed hit”. The middle section is too bogged down with find clue A which leads to clue B which leads to clue C. The last half waits for the same exact ending as the first. Yes, it is better than many cheap horror flicks but from the director of Saw and Paranormal Activity? Absolutely not. This is despicable.

Insidious 2 trailer  (Screengrab)

Parker (or Maribel?) Crane and his mother.

How could this movie fall so far? How could the creepiest song from the original (Tiptoe through the tulips) or that Darth Maul character not make any cameo? Why should we care what happens in the next film? I’m disappointed and unfortunately, my opinion of James Wan is only lessened. Let us only hope for more thorough, frightful, and gore-filled films in this next year of 2014. 3/5


One response to “The Gorehound Reviews: Insidious: Chapter 2 (’13)

  1. thycriticman January 6, 2014 at 7:54 pm

    Sure, both endings took place in the Further, but I think this one took a different approach. And the thankfully cliffhanger did not involve the Lambert family again thankfully! Well written review, and I agree that Bryne is far from poor quality.

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