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Survivor: Blood vs. Water – Season 27, Episode 9 – My Brother’s Keeper

At the beginning of the ninth episode of Survivor: Blood vs. Water, the fallout from last week’s blindside is palpable. Tina is on a rampage, calling out Monica, Gervase, and Tyson individually for voting out Aras, who Tina claims was their ally. Tyson points out, however, that Aras had far too many end-game deals with people in place, and Vytas surprisingly congratulates the three for a well-made move. Vytas understands it’s a game, and he rightly sees Aras’ ousting as a game-changing power play. Tina claims that Gervase, Tyson, and Monica have lost potential jury votes as a result of their actions, but I think she’ll be wrong about that by the end of the game.

The cast of Blood vs. Water prepares for the gross food challenge.

The cast of Blood vs. Water prepares for the gross food challenge.

Tonight’s episode is also a double-elimination one, with the first Immunity Challenge being an old Survivor stalwart, the gross food challenge. The first round is to eat forty meal worms, the second round is pig intestines, and the final round is eating two live grubs, something Gervase failed to do 13 years ago, losing the immunity challenge on the very first season of the show. As luck would have it, Gervase finds himself in the final round up against Monica. He blows his chance to redeem himself, however, as Monica eats the grubs in a quicker fashion, and wins immunity from the vote.

Back at the beach, Vytas, Tina, and Katie go into scramble mode. The majority alliance plans to split the votes, four for Vytas and three for Katie. Vytas seems to make a few slick counter-moves, and even proposes that he may end up voting for Katie himself, thus potentially tying the vote. He also tries to curry favor with the men, warning them of a possible women’s alliance. His scrambling fails however, and Vytas is sent packing from the game, heading off to Redemption Island to join his brother.

Tyson has to scramble to keep his alliance together in the latest episode of Survivor on CBS.

Tyson has to scramble to keep his alliance together in the latest episode of Survivor on CBS.

Monica could have potentially blown the whole vote, as she spite-votes for Vytas instead of following the plan for the women to vote for Katie (in case an idol is played). Gervase is furious about this, and points out that Monica’s loose cannon antics may get her eliminated from the game. Monica’s words, actions, and paranoia are causing everyone to be on edge, and Tina sees an opportunity to perhaps steer the vote Monica’s way, potentially giving Tina or her daughter Katie another few days in the tribe.

The second Immunity Challenge is a boring coin stacking affair, a challenge I have no idea why Survivor keeps going back to. This is either the third or fourth time they’ve used this challenge and it has never been exciting. The final three comes down to Tyson, Hayden, and Katie. Katie is able to outlast the two men, earning immunity from the vote. Tina and Katie now go into full-on scramble mode, with Tina seeking a potential Hidden Immunity Idol. Tyson, who already has the idol, has to scramble somewhat to keep the team together and keep them on track to vote out Tina.

At Tribal Council, Tina outs Monica for being talky, scrambly, and at the bottom of the majority alliance. Monica points out her trustworthiness, and claims to feel at the bottom sometimes. But she also has faith in her tribemates, and Tina is sent packing from the game to join Aras and Vytas at Redemption Island. The three will face off in a duel next week, with only Katie left safe in the game from that alliance. The next few weeks aim to be filled with blindsides, challenges, gameplay, and hopefully rewards, an old Survivor staple which it seems we haven’t had much of thus far in Blood vs. Water.



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