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The Escape Plan Podcast

Escape with Zack and Nick as they discuss the just released Stallone/Schwarzenegger movie Escape Plan!  Come listen in on their first-ever (they think) day-of-release podcast!  Don’t worry…only light spoilers!

Click HERE or on the image to listen to the podcast.escaplan

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3 responses to “The Escape Plan Podcast

  1. JD November 7, 2013 at 6:31 am

    I enjoyed the podcast and I enjoyed Escape Plan. For the record, I’m a vegetarian and I laughed when Arnold said ‘you hit like a vegetarian’. Anyways, it was exciting to see Arnold and Stallone in a good movie again. I really didn’t like the expendables (although I didn’t see the second one or arnolds recent movie the last stand). The performances really made the movie great and I loved how it got really corny at the end but it was still pretty easy to take most of the movie seriously at the same time.

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