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Trek Tuesday: Whatever Happened to Trek Tuesday?


Those who have been following The Culture Cast might have noticed that the weekly feature, Trek Tuesday, has been somewhat sporadic the last few weeks.  After the entry on “These Are The Voyages…”, I took a week off.  Going for over six months straight, I needed a break.  We went for two more weeks with a look back at Star Trek Into Darkness and then a review of Free Enterprise.  Last week was another off-week due to me being horribly sick and unable to really write anything coherent.

Again, today, I don’t have an entry up (well, not a real entry – this doesn’t count).  Truth be told, I am struggling on where to take this feature next.  I don’t want to fold it as there is plenty to talk about in the Star Trek franchise.  But the next direction is currently an unknown.  Do I discuss the various two-parters?  Do I talk about the fandom in general?  The parodies and/or knock-offs (Lord knows there are plenty of them).  Thefan films?  shudder.  So, there places I want to go, but just not sure where to proceed.

Don’t worry; I’m working on this as we speak.  And we’ll be back next week with Trek Tuesday’s brand new direction!



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