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The Gorehound’s Top Picks for 31 Days of October

In preparation for a ghoulish month coming up, the Gorehound has put together his top movies for 31 days of the best month of the year, leading up to the best day of the year. Given an infinite amount of time and resources, these are the movies which the Gorehound would watch each day of October. As a courtesy, I’ve added asterisks next to those which are truly scary or horrifying. They aren’t edgy but actually do contain honest-to-goodness elements of horror. They aren’t all horror (majority are) but they all contain some elements of humor, horror, and huzzah:


  1. Hatchet 1 & 2 (’06 &’10) – I haven’t seen the 3rd one and I would totally add it if I could get a hold of it.
  2. The Lost Boys (’87) & Donnie Darko (’01)
  3. Last Man on Earth (’64)
  4. [REC]* (’07)
  5. Argento’s Suspiria (’77)
  6. The Cabin in the Woods (’12)
  7. From Dusk Till Dawn (’96)
  8. House on Haunted Hill (’59)
  9. Puppetmaster I (’89), II (’91), IV (’93) & Puppetmaster V. Demonic Toys  (’04) – I haven’t seen the last one (X: Axis Rising ’12) but it looks sweet.
  10. Polanski’s The Tenant (’76)
  11. The Return of the Living Dead (’85) & C.H.U.D. 2: Bud the Chud (’89)
  12. Leprechaun (’93) & Child’s Play* (’88)
  13. Signs (’02)
  14. Poltergeist* (’82)
  15. Shaun of the Dead (’04)
  16. Hellraiser* (’87)
  17. Friday the 13th (’80) 1 through 9 (it’s gonna be long night!)
  18. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre* (Both ’74 and ’03)
  19. Killer Klowns from Outer Space (’88)
  20. The Orphanage* (’07)
  21. Pumpkinhead (’88)
  22. 28 Days Later* (’02)
  23. A Nightmare on Elm Street (’84) 1 through 7.tee-shirt-logo-serial-killer-i-love-horror-movies-noir
  24. Scream (’96)
  25. Carpenter’s The Thing (’82)
  26. Cronenberg’s The Fly* (’86)
  27. Sleepaway Camp 2 & 3 (’88 & ’89)
  28. Insidious* (’10)
  29. Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn (’87)
  30. Lamberto Bava’s Demons (’85)
  31. Soavi’s Cemetary Man (’94)

If you get a chance, check out a few of them. In all honesty, the Gorehound won’t be able to watch even half of these but like he said, in a situation of infinite amount of time and resources and the horrified state of mind, you can expect one of these to be on the screen. In addition, many of these are indeed scary so don’t waste any time watching with a scaredy cat. Have a terrifying month!


One response to “The Gorehound’s Top Picks for 31 Days of October

  1. CultureCast-Z September 29, 2013 at 10:04 pm

    What!?? No “Ghoulies 2”??? For shame, young man!

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