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Survivor: Blood vs. Water – Season 27, Episode 2 – Rule in Chaos

The second episode of the newest season of Survivor, Blood vs. Water, begins with a good old-fashioned Redemption Island duel. I hate Redemption Island. It slows the game down and takes away Reward Challenges, which I find infinitely more interesting. However, the family situations at least add a new layer to the duels. This week, Rupert, Candice, and Marissa, who was voted out last week, face off in a Redemption Island duel. The object of the game is to get ten spools through a maze and stack them on top of each other using a reaching tool. Though Rupert looks primed to complete the challenge, his stack of spools knocks over, and Marissa catches up and surpasses him after Candice takes first place.

Gervase and Kat discuss Colton's antics perhaps.

Gervase and Kat discuss Colton’s antics perhaps.

Poor Rupert is eliminated the game before casting a single vote. I for one will miss him, even as I no longer like him nearly as much ten years later (as a side note, I can’t believe Pearl Islands was ten years ago). For winning, Candice is given a hidden immunity idol clue, which she must give to anyone left in the game she chooses. She obviously chooses her husband John, and he takes the clue, opting later to not share it with his tribe (and thus fueling paranoia among his group which will come into play later). The hidden immunity clue adds at least one more layer of depth to Redemption Island. I guess I don’t hate it as much as I used to, however I still hate all the twists and turns that CBS has manufactured to make this season interesting (especially when the family twist makes it already interesting in the first place).

On the Galang (returning players) tribe, Colton throws a typical Colton tantrum, his “new Colton” persona having lasted all of three days. Unfortunately for Colton, no one really seems to want to play his game. Colton’s drama causes Gervase, Tina, Aras, Tyson, and Monica to join forces in an alliance. They make a pact to not let Colton’s crap come between any of them. On the Tadhanna tribe, the men start to worry about Tyson. They think that voting Rachel out of the game might potentially mean Tyson will replace her on Redemption Island, and thus Tyson has a better shot of being eliminated. John disagrees with them, wanting to protect Candice from elimination and also Rachel, who he has been getting along with. This only continues to fuel paranoia among his alliance.

The Galang tribe eventually wins immunity after a closely fought battle. Gervase is able to successfully complete what looks like a giant Ski-Ball course faster than Hayden in a tightly edited showdown. The Tadhanna, or loved ones, tribe must go to Tribal Council once more. The vote comes down to John, who may have the idol and who has been campaigning for keeping Rachel in the game, versus Rachel, who the others hope will entice Tyson into taking her place on Redemption Island. Although the editing makes it look like John could potentially get voted out, I never felt he was truly in danger. Rachel is voted out of the game and sent to Redemption Island to join Candice and Marissa. We’ll see if Tyson takes her place next week or not.



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