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A Conversation About ‘Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD’


Tonight, Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD premieres on ABC.  Due to the shows connection to The Avengers, obviously there has been a lot of hype surrounding the show on the internet, and the show apparently had a very positive response during Comic Con.  However, as proven again and again, the internet is largely an echo chamber and a show like this at Comic Con is like preaching to the choir.

As someone who likes to follow television trends, I am curious how well this show is going to do on a major network.  True, people loved The Avengers, but are they willing to tune in on a weekly basis for a show based in that world?  Granted, other superhero shows like Arrow and Smallville have proved to be successes, but those were on a large network like ABC which expects huge numbers.

So, to consider how a non-comic fan would react to a show like this, I put together a fun, hypothetical conversation average folks might have about Agents of SHIELD.

Note: this is all in good fun.  Don’t get your undies in a twist.


Person 1:  Are you going to watch Agents of SHIELD?

Person 2:  What’s that?

Person 1:  It’s a show that is spun off from The Avengers.

Person 2:  Really?  That’s cool.  Is Robert Downey Jr. going to be in it?

Person 1:  No.

Person 2:  That Thor guy?

Person 1:  No.

Person 2:  Captain America?

Person 1:  No.

Person 2:  What about Hulk?

Person 1:  Doubt it.

Person 2:  How about when he’s not the Hulk?

Person 1:  Unlikely.

Person 2:  What about Sam Jackson?  He was a spy guy, right?

Person 1:  Well, there are rumors, but nothing confirmed.

Person 2:  Is anyone cool from The Avengers going to show up?

Person 1:  That Cobie Smulders is going to be in one episode, I think

Person 2:  Is she the one from How I Met Your Mother?

Person 1:  Yeah.

Person 2:  Eh.

Person 1:  Phil Colson is the main guy in the show.

Person 2:  I don’t know who that actor is.

Person 1:  No, that’s character.  That working stiff that always annoys Robert Downey Jr.

Person 2:  They got him?  Didn’t he die?

Person 1:  Yeah.  I guess got better.

Person 2:  So, that’s the only connection to The Avengers?

Person 1:  Yeah.

Person 2:  So, if I understand it right, all the cool stuff that made The Avengers cool isn’t going to be there.  Why should I care about this show?

Person 1:  All that stuff might show up.

Person 2:  When? I don’t want to become frustrated with stupid teases.

Person 1:  I don’t know.  That’s why you have to keep watching!

Person 2:  That’s not good enough.


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