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Grant Gustin is The Flash

Flash Month!

Boy, oh boy.  We are getting lots of Flash news in the media.  Perfect timing for Flash Month, eh?

For those of you who do not know, the television show Arrow is planning to introduce the character of Barry Allen (pre-Flash).  He is set to appear in three episodes during the upcoming season with the third episode serving as a backdoor pilot to a Flash TV series.

Obviously, I am excited at this possibility.  And this excitement builds every day especially since late last week, it was announced that Glee’s Grant Gustin is our Barry Allen.

And, of course, the internet lost its shit and broke in half.


Grant Gustin – now, that’s a superhero name

To be fair, we didn’t get Batffleck levels of nonsense, but the enraged fans were there. Now, I’ve never watched Glee, but I’ve heard good things about the guy on that show from trusted sources. I believe that the producers of Arrow cast who they felt was best for their take on the Flash.  I look forward to seeing Grant in action this fall.

Of course, common sense or waiting to see how he is won’t stop people from making knee-jerk reactions.  I’ve seen a wide range of reactions such as that he’s too young, he’s baby face, Glee is stupid therefore he is stupid, he isn’t a recognizable name, etc.  Personally, I think it comes down to one thing: the guy isn’t blond.

In the comics Barry Allen is blond.  Gustin isn’t.  My question: who cares?  Barry’s blondness is not a defining trait of the character.  Unlike a character such as Superman, where his how face is completely visible, his black hair is a trait you want to get right.  With Flash, most of his face is covered – you don’t see the hair.

Producers don’t really take the opinions of passionate comic fans into consideration when casting a show/movie.  And they shouldn’t.  They need to find the right actor for the part.  Everything else is secondary.  Sure, I bet they were eying several blond actors, but do fans really want a sub-par actor for a role just because he looks like said role?  Or would they rather have an actor who gets the part down right, but just happens to have the wrong color hair?  I know I would rather have the latter.

This is kind of like saying that only bald men can play Lex Luthor.  It really limits the talent pool.

Plus, like an actor can shave their head for the role of Lex, Gustin can dye his hair blond for the role of Barry if the producers feel the need to go that route.

So, please, Internet.  Let’s dial back the butthurt and just be happy that so many superhero projects are being made.  Let’s wait to see how Gustin does as Barry Allen.  Fandom seemed to like John Wesley Shipp when he played the Flash back in the early ‘90s, and he had brown hair.  The producers of Arrow have done pretty well in their casting department thus far.  Let’s give everyone the benefit of the doubt and reserve judgment until October/November when the first Barry Allen episode is supposed to air.

Can we do that?  Please?  Is that too much to ask?


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