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Welcome to Flash Month!

Ahoy, faithful followers!  If you are like me and follow The Flash, you’ve probably noticed that there is a ton of Flash-related stuff coming out this month!  Okay, chances are you are not like me and don’t really care all that much about the DC Comic speedster.

That’s okay.

But, since I do run a Flash feature here at The Culture Cast, and there is a lot of Flash-related stuff coming out during the month of September, I decided to declare this month “Flash Month” here at The Culture Cast.

So what is this going to include?  Well, those of you would follow us know that I have a monthly Speed Reading feature in which I review the latest issue of The Flash (which I am a bit behind on – oops), and this month, DC Comics are releasing three Flash comics as a tie-in to their “Villains Month” theme.  I’ll be covering those and the other issues I need to get caught up on.

In addition, I plan on looking back at some pre-New 52 storylines, possibly write up an editorial or two, and will likely review the recently released The Flashpoint Paradox (which, not surprisingly, largely features the Flash).

I might throw in some other stuff as we go along as well.  Who knows…anything is up for grabs!

September 2013 is “Flash Month”!  We’ll begin tomorrow with my review of The Flash Annual #2.



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