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Trek Tuesday: Demons/Terra Prime

With the final episode, Enterprise decided to close out the series on a thematic note.  The series started with humans needing to prove themselves to other planets that they are ready to join an intergalactic community.  “Demons/Terra Prime” is about humans proving that to themselves.

We discover that Earth is charting a Collation of Planets (which presumably will be the direct precursor to the United Federation of Planets as seen in the other series).  However, not all humans are for this and a terrorist group called Terra Nova threatens to destroy Starfleet headquarters unless all aliens leave Earth.


In an incredibly meta moment, the crew worries that their efforts and adventures will be forgotten about.

The crew of Enterprise is there and discovers that the leader of Terra Prime, Paxton, created a Vulcan/Human hybrid using the genetics of T’Pol and Trip as a rallying call on how the human race will become diluted.  Captain Archer tracks down Paxton and thwarts his plan at the last moment (of course).  Unfortunately, the T’Pol and Trip’s baby dies due to the baby’s genetic instability.  Later, Archer gives a speech to the irate delegates that an alliance between all of them will enhance and better everyone involved.

This was a great way to end the series for many reasons.  We see how far Earth has come in the galactic community.  Before they were the new ones on the block.  Now they are bringing people together.  The goal that Archer and his crew were attempting to achieve is completed.  Earth can play in the big leagus.  They are leading the big leagues.

The weapon misses its target and inspires one of the Star Trek (2009) posters.

The weapon misses its target and inspires one of the Star Trek (2009) posters.

We also see that Earth isn’t quite as perfect as later series would depict it.  Paxton (played by Peter Weller, who also appears in this past summer’s Star Trek Into Darkness) is the perfect mirror to today’s bigotry and hatred that some in society might show to the changing times.  Granted, he can be a bit of a clichéd character in that regard, but it works.  This is a timeless story element that these two episodes do really well.

“Demons/Terra Prime” also give every main character a moment to shine.  Of course, the trio of Archer/T’pol/Trip shine as they do in every episode.  As do Phlox and Reed.  Hoshi gets a great moment that the characters openly reflect on how different she has become since joining Enterprise.  The big surprise is that Travis gets a large subplot throughout the episode when he reconnects with his lost love (who turns out to be not what she seems).  Travis was a character who was mostly ignored throughout the run of the series.  To give him an integral part in the finale is mind-blowing, but very welcomed.


Trip and T’Pol mourn the loss of their would-be daughter.

This was a great way to end Enterprise.  Everyone got a moment, and it gave the series a sense of closure that many shows which are cancelled do not get.  It is also one of Enterprise’s finest outings in my opinion.  Trek fandom may not look too kindly on this series, but they did their final episode right.





Okay.  Yes, I know this wasn’t the final episode of Enterprise.  There was that other one that get people up in arms.  “Demons/Terra Prime” was a good send-off for Enterprise that I decided to include it here.  We’ll talk about the infamous real final episode next week.


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  1. Frylock August 29, 2013 at 3:19 pm

    I wrote about this myself at Demons and Terra Nova are examples of why Enterprise was important.

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