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Review: Evil Bong 3D: The Wrath of Bong

Gosh, where to begin with Full Moon Pictures? They brought us one of the gorehounds favorite series- Puppet Master, along with other popular series Killjoy and Gingerdead Man! They specialize in direct-to-video films and low-budget masterpieces. I’ve seen the majority of their films and will continue to watch all their releases. These guys know how to make a cheap movie, and excel at it. They are cheasy, schlocky, and grand. Tonight, we have the cross between cheap horror and stoner comedy: Evil Bong 3D: The Wrath of Bong and before we begin let me start with perhaps the coolest piece of trivia in the past few months. Charles Band, the head of Full Moon Pictures, allowed the public to submit names for the subtitle of the movie, i.e., Evil Bong 3:__________. When the winner, Patrick Klepek, was presented at the premiere he proposed to his girlfriend on stage. This girl was proposed to, at the premiere of movie called Evil Bong 3D: The Wrath of Bong. That’s killer!


During the premiere, scratch-and-sniff cards were used to enhancing the movie experience.

Let’s dig. This movie is full of clever one-liners, references, and fun. You know what you’re getting yourself into with such a classic name. It’s totally worth it for a drunken and dizzy Saturday night. I own the 2nd and 3rd in the series and am looking to watch the first. The pace may be slow at certain times but this isn’t a film to get entrenched in thought with. Don’t get me wrong, this movie is stupid but it embraces the stupid. It doesn’t deny that freaks all around the the US of A get super excited for shit like this. It doesn’t rank as high up there with Sharknado or Birdemic but it falls into similar ranks.

Stoner comedies are a minority. The gorehound is proud supporter of stoner comedies and loves films like Cheech and Chong and Idle Hands. There aint many but I don’t think Redbox has recently featured any stoner comedies. There really should be more for those nights you just don’t care what to watch and are just really digging some tye-dye and funky colors.

This third entry in the series focuses on an alien bong traveling to earth via a meteor encapsulation. Some hobo sells it to a headshop and the story pursues. Whoever smokes from the alien bong falls into an otherworldly alien rapture. In the previous entry (Evil Bong II:  King Bong), whoever smoked from the evil bong suffered from permanent high symptoms: one guy is constantly hungry, one is always falling asleep, and another has raging sexual hormones. When smoked through, this alien bong (not the evil one from the 2nd entry) brings the smoker into a world where they provide seed (semen) for an alien race to take over the world. Isn’t that the greatest premise for a film? That’s why Full Moon is awesome- they can take over the top and ridiculous movies and still keep the viewer entertained. The majority of the scenes aren’t drawn out (though the pace can be terrible), the script is varied and not boring, and everyone is having a good time (if not slightly exaggerated).


Rabbit, Nurse Hookah, and the other three hooligans

The aliens in the bong world are naked women covered with neon paint. The sets are a bit underdeveloped but nonetheless entertaining. There’s weed growth everywhere and the bong is pretty unique. It looks like they took a regular bong, added some molding around it to allow a “face” added a voice with some magic, resulting in a horned and talking bong. I’ve seen more intricate bongs that could have been featured but if they had chosen a really crazy bong, it might have taken away from the light-heartedness of the film and turned into a crazy glass blowing session. Also, all the characters are all different and wonderfully stereotyped to create laughable environments. There was a Willy Nelson-type character that (mind you I really have no idea who he is, just what he looks like) I thought was really him.

ALIEN BONG TEASER IMAGE 3In the end, this film is stupid but very fun. Except for Gingerdead Man, this is the funniest series produced by Full Moon. Though the film was apparently presented or filmed in 3-D, I couldn’t tell at all. They didn’t do anything to take advantage of the innovative filming style which leads me to believe they just threw the extra “D” in there last minute for any extra attention possible. Lastly, during the premiere this film was presented with a “Sniff-O-Rama” providing scratch-and-sniff cards to use at key moments. Thanks for reading.

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