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Speed Reading! – The Flash #22

"Reverse, Part 3"

“Reverse, Part 3”

One of the continuing theories popping up online on the identity of the Reverse Flash was that the villain is Dr. Elias.  The case was strong.  The doctor was investigating the Speed Force, collected large amounts of Speed Force energy, and was somewhat disgruntled at The Flash.  However, that never felt right to me.  While Elias is a bit of a sociopath and narcissistic, he isn’t a blood thirsty killer.  I am extremely happy that this issue revealed that Dr. Elias is not the Reverse Flash.  I’m sorry if that is too much of a spoiler.

Now that that is off my chest…

This issue gets the “Reverse” storyline back on track after the stumbling block of last issue (please have Kid Flash tie back into this storyline somehow as to not make his appearance superfluous).  We have a lot of different threads running through the issue.  First we have the Reverse Flash crashing Dr. Elias’s lab to get the Speed Force energy the doctor collected.  Then we get Flash giving a “speed-suit” to Iris for her to hide any Speed Force energy she might have.  We also get some touches of Iris and Patty awkwardness (more on this below).

All of this keeps the story moving forward which inevitably leads to first face-off between Flash and his new nemesis.  Finally!  And, it is great!  We get some speed action with the two duking it out.  This has been a few issues coming (longer than that if you follow comic previews/news).  I wasn’t disappointed.  We still haven’t learned who the Reverse Flash is, and that ever question is the source of the wonderfully frustrating cliffhanger.  Hopefully, we’ll get some answers next time (which I am sure we will since the following month the Reverse Flash has a one-off issue centering on him).

If there is one thing that kind of bugged me this issue, it would be the aforementioned awkwardness between Patty and Iris.  This has been a recurring problem for me since the beginning of the series.  Yeah, I get it.  Iris has the hots for Barry, but Barry is in a relationship with Patty.  During all this time, Iris has been nothing but nice and pleasant to Patty, and is genuinely supportive of their relationship and has never done anything close to steal Barry away.  Iris is really trying hard to be friends with Patty.  Yet, Patty always comes off completely cold towards her.

Again, in this issue, Iris is trying to chat Patty up about how “exciting and scary” would be to move in with a boyfriend.  Seems like a natural and standard conversation, but Patty just shuts her down with a kind of bitchy comment.  Maybe Patty is completely insecure about her relationship with Barry (though she has no reason to be), but she really comes off as very unlikable during her scenes with Iris.  Then again, Iris was always a questionable catch back in the day.

This was only a minor scene, and it did not detract from the rest of the issue.  This is a solid outing, and was really revving up towards the end that, when it did, I didn’t want it to!

Oh, and before I forget…my goodness!  That cover!  It is gorgeous!  Now there is a poster I’d love to hang on my wall!

Next: The Secrets of the Speed Force!


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