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Review: Hick (’12)

The 13 year old Chloe Moretz is excellent. She acts immature, innocent, full of dreams, and only optimistic for her future.  I was intrigued with the movie because of Moretz. She has been wonderful in all the roles she has starred in: Kick Ass (including the sequel!), HugoLet Me In, 500 Days. As long as she doesn’t follow Amanda Bynes in her career path, she’ll turn out as good as Sigourney Weaver! Hick comes from the same director as Lymelife, Derick Martini. Obviously Moretz is the lead role but Blake Lively, and Eddie Redmayne are the supporting characters. Some recurring characters from Lymelife appear in cameos such as Rory Culkin and Alec Baldwin, but they remain for only a few minutes. I was hoping Culkin would stay in because he seemed to be the nicest character in the film.


The movie is intense starting out with alcoholic parents and a rural young girl, Luli (Moretz) who is seeking attention from whoever will provide it. While she is innocent, she is looking for something to break that innocence. But can she handle it?  The characters are all intense, living on the edge and being abusive to all others around, never respecting each other. She leaves her parents in pursuit of a better life. She encounters a rural farm boy, and then druggie woman (Lively) who takes her under her wing for a while. It doesn’t last long because no body is ever truthful. She doesn’t show her a good time, but rather puts her in worse situations. Luli gets kidnapped by Eddie, who believes he is doing the right thing but ultimately takes things too far.

Chloe Moretz and Blake Lively.

Chloe Moretz and Blake Lively.

Dominant in this movie are references and quotes to cowboy movies. They flew over my head but were obvious popular references. She wants a respectable life and yearns to be with an actual and honorable cowboy but discovers that the world is flooded with disgrace and false cowboys.  I believe she honestly wants a cowboy partner and will find one but not in the environment, flooded by falsehood.

This film is about Luli and her inability to handle the real world but why is that? Perhaps her downfall is lack of education or sense of surroundings. She can’t defend herself on her own through the environments she travels through. It’s a shame but that’s the story. The script also lends to this: mixing words up under stress, not having the right words, and not fully understanding the words she uses. She can’t manage situations because her inability to speak gives off an insecure and unconfident impression. The script was well done and good.

She is beautiful character. Throughout the film she narrates with her crayon drawings. She has hopes of a bright future and wants to see the good things but can’t seem to come across them. How is it that such a good girl stumbles across only filthy people? She sees the best in people but they refuse to let the better themselves.

Eddie Redmayne trying to woo Luli in his pickup truck.

Eddie Redmayne trying to woo Luli in his pickup truck.

Oh, and Eddie (same name as character, Redmayne)… gosh, I don’t think I’ve ever hated a character more than this asshole. He is two-faced, ugly, and abusive. He is just that guy that keeps coming back. He too, like Luli, is looking for attention but from the male perspective.  He yearns for physical dominance to make up for his limp leg. Always searching for an undeserved aura of coolness which will never come to him at this rate. Kind of like the beginnings of a killer, but not the cool fictional kind of killer like Jason or Freddy, more like Geins or some other psychopath.

At a decent runtime of 99 minutes, the film is commendable. It’s a solid drama filled with social commentary and good filmmaking. How can so many bad decisions be made? Why are people so cruel? This film is thought provoking but ultimately isn’t entertaining for a Saturday night. I’ll always prefer watching a vampire flick (Let Me In) but I can appreciate this Moretz girl. Looking forward to Kick Ass 2. 3/5


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