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The Summer 2013 Movie Trends Podcast

This week, Zack and Nick take an unusual diversion and talk about some of the recent trends, topics, and reactions to recently-released Hollywood fare such as The Heat, Grown Ups 2, and Pacific Rim. What will they have to say about the varied reactions critics and audiences have had to these movies? Listen and find out!

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3 responses to “The Summer 2013 Movie Trends Podcast

  1. JD July 24, 2013 at 9:14 am

    I enjoyed the podcast. I liked the comparison of Melissa McCarthy humor to Adam Sandler humor bit. I didn’t disagree with anything you guys said but since I’m a rabid Pacific Rim fan I thought I’d mention that Pacific Rim has just about made its budget back at the two week mark and is the number 1 movie internationally right now. I know Nick mentioned he really only cares about domestic sales but I was just happy to see that it won’t be a financial failure. It hasn’t opened in China and Japan yet either so there is some money to be made there and by the time the dvd sales numbers are added to that it should be a modest financial success (obviously still underwhelming compared to the hype).

    I’d definitely recommend Pacific Rim. I liked Man of Steel a lot but I think Pacific Rim is the best movie I’ve seen in theaters this year. There have been some criticisms about the acting and the dialogue but I thought the acting and dialogue matched the tone of the movie just fine. The story was somewhat simple but fun and genuinely uplifting and positive. it. It’s not the most cerebral film but it feels like a labor of love rather than a product. Visually it’s incredible. There are some great shots and the fight scenes are just beautiful. I saw it twice already and both times I left the theater very satisfied.

    • CultureCast-Z July 26, 2013 at 10:33 pm

      I’m going to see Pacific Rim on Sunday. It hasn’t really grossed its budget back though. It’s budget was about 190 million as reported by Box Office Mojo. In order to gross back its budget, and thus break even, it would need to gross 380 million dollars worldwide, which it hasn’t done yet. And this also doesn’t account for print and marketing costs, which were probably anywhere from 50 to 100 million dollars. That’s not an assault on the movie’s quality, however. I fully expect to enjoy Pacific Rim and I hope it does eventually become profitable, but that’s probably not going to happen at this point any time soon.

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