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Review: Texas Chainsaw 3D (’13)

WELCOME! Today, we’ve got a newer DVD release review of the newest addition to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise: Texas Chainsaw 3D. Yes, it was filmed for a 3D projection but I only viewed it on blu-ray (I did pay the extra 30 cents from redbox because I want to see the vibrant blood splatter and killer graphics!). I must admit that it flows very well from the original Hooper film, as intended by the director. The color, slightly neutral, rings in tune with the original. I loved the original Hooper film: scary, simple, and early. Nothing has ever really compared to it, not even the sequels. I should also mention that there is intentions of creating two more sequels to this film in particular. I’m unaware of the current status and really won’t be following it. If you’re interested in a previous explication of capitalism in the original, see here. Let’s start up our chainsaw…

texas_chainsaw-posterThe actors were gorgeous and really drew me in, a definite contrast to many of the recent films I’ve watched lately. I’ve got nothing wrong with uglies, some may even call me one.  I’m just saying I’d rather watch a handsome and well-groomed man running from Leatherface, rather than a chess club geek. From the get go, I’m really looking forward to some sick deaths. We only have 3 or 4 main character deaths to look forward to and with such a popular franchise, we are guaranteed some provocative and highly entertaining slaughterfests. In the end, the kills weren’t monumental but the other qualities of the film shone bright. I was especially let down with the death of Tania Raymondes (Alex Rousseau from Lost). I’m not big into a surprise or accidental death. Build up to it! Suspense!

Leatherface was superb and more of his personality was revealed. I’m not sure if we’ve ever seen a closeup of his face but the camera work did wonders and revealed a good image. There was much more focus and attention on him which definitely added an oomph of success, unlike the past films which also tried to enter and show more sympathy for his life. The sounds and camera work really made this movie good. The 3D would have been good and not too corny, such as Friday the 13th part 3. I’m really not into 3D but I’ll watch it if someone else is paying!

The Texans in the film was unrighteously cruel. I’m sure they hate the Sawyers because of the many people they’ve killed (and gotten away with) but the film should address that more. In the end of the film, Leatherface turns face and the audience feels sympathy, a truly new and successful approach in this series. It is as if the Texans become the monster and we connect with Leatherface. I like the outcome, but please, save the ethical and emotional decisions for a serious movie, not the Texas Chainsaw franchise.


Trey Songz, Daddario, the boyfriend who has absolutely no role, and the attractive Tania Raymonde

Alexandra Daddario, the central character, took some hard falls, literally! She has also starred in Percy Jackson (and the upcoming sequel) and Hall Pass. She held the film together and brought everyone in sync. She really was smart and not detracting from the story. In the end, she did a wonderful job, and made the ethical decision in the end. “Family’s a messy business. Ain’t nothing thicker than blood.”

Texas_Chainsaw_3D_LeatherfaceIt is disappointing that all the films in the franchise have the exact same start up and end with a VW wagon, one girl receiving an inheritance from the Sawyers, bringing a group of sexy friends to be slaughtered, and then one survivor for a sequel. Nice twist having the hitchhiker be a thief, even though it really had no effect on the rest of the film. For example, the difference between Cronenberg’s The Fly (’86) and the sequel The Fly II (’89) are night and day. They follow each other and the sequel builds off and goes in a different direction. Change the story! I’d lobby for the next film to be titled Leatherface In Space! 

The movie was slow to start up but as soon as it picked up it became intense, and pretty much stayed that way for the rest of the film. The actors weren’t dull and highly entertaining. All seriousness, no laughs, but quality horror without nudity or rape. Check it out if you’re looking for a quality horror movie without any Oscar performances. 4/5 though IMDB reports 5/10. Thanks for reading!


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