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A Night With Jennifer Lawrence

I don’t know much about this Jennifer girl except for her critically acclaimed role in Hunger Games. I’ve heard quite a few compliments from other sources such as Rolling Stone claiming her to be the most talented young actress in America and Time mentioning her as one of the most influential people in the world. Now I’m a movie guy, not a cultural guy so I care about cinematics. I care little for the film that brought her the most attention but I’m willing to check her out. I am writing about Jennifer Lawrence, not the movies she’s been in. But why her and not the movies? Because she is the newest and hippest actress in Hollywood and now I’m interested. She hasn’t messed up her career yet, doesn’t piss me off, and has a clean slate, thus far. So I start my night off with the post-Oscar interview, which leads into Silver Linings Playbook, and finishing with House at the End of the Street. Can Jennifer Lawrence impress the Gorehound?

Jennifer-Lawrence-Gioia-Italy-May- 2012-00

Silver Linings Playbook – Many people have praised this movie as a great movie and even Nick claims a movie of the year contender. I’m optimistic and looking forward to it, but not as much the next flick of the night. Like I said, I don’t know anything about Jen except for Hunger Games and the post-Oscar interview. That interview was brilliant but the interviewers were just a bunch of dicks. Anyways… to start off, this movie portrays Jen as a possible whore/darkly woman which threw me off and was abruptly surprising. I had no idea what the movie was about and it was quite different than her side-braided bow-woman persona. Bradley Cooper has been awesome in every film and this one was no different. The chemistry and dialogue between the two was perfect, making for an unstoppable synergy.

Jen wasn’t as pretty in this film as the previous times I’ve seen her. Actually, she wasn’t pretty at all. I’m not saying she isn’t a pretty lady but her clothes, hairdo, makeup were not appealing. Add to it, Cooper wasn’t very attractive either. Sweatclothes and a garbage bag with a black wardrobe do not make for a pretty couple. Despite the overall drab attires, it brings the audience to focus on their personalities, which shine bright.

The scene at 1:30 really solidified her performance. Spoiler free, it brings together a bunch of characters in a chaotic scene which ultimately results in some smart talk attitude. I know that the scene is the result of a multitude of components (director, script, sound, costumes, etc.) but Jen was incredible in the scene. I can’t break it down but it is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I don’t know anything about sports or football but it didn’t matter. She is a wonderful performer and show that two people who love each other, build each other up to reach heights unattainable alone.

She may not have been the hot stuff that Hollywood is putting forward but damn, that was an awesome movie. It’s hard for me to separate her performance from such a moving film. Best film of 2013 thus far. She may not have been the best performance but she certainly made the film totally sweet. In the end of the film, I loved her character. It shows a true repentance and belief in her true self. We shouldn’t know immediately in the film that she has a passion for dance because we must first put forward our immediate ideas (whore) for her character to be elevated. This Jen girl is pretty impressive. Alright, onto the next one…

House at the End of the Street – Before embarking on this night, I was, of course, more looking forward to this film for the simple fact that I love horror films. It was actually hard to get excited for this film because the previous was so good. I know the film is some sort of suspense and I can’t help but feel its name ripping off the highly controversial Last House On The Left. Off topic, an opinion for my friends and Hollywood, steer clear of Last House on the Left. It provides nothing but ugly and disturb.

By the way, I love movie marathons. Back-to-back films makes for such a wonderful night. It’s harder to watch films in the summer because the nights are so long and so many more legitimate activities to pursue. So I try to watch good films, rather than just filler films during these summer nights. I digress…jennifer-lawrence

This film was a stark comparison of Silver Linings. I already gave it three strikes before the film got started (e.g., Jen is playing a guitar on her mothers car, staring out of the window for wayyy too long, and a ridiculous script). I’ll sit through it but I already recognize this film as nothing of quality. Her character was really dumbed down and didn’t provide any enthralling dialogue or deep personalities in which she could dive into and swim.

As the film came to a close, my opinions of the film had not changed. She was doing her best she could with a pitiful script and reused high school/immature antics. My opinion of her has not changed, but stayed neutral.

To conclude, I would indeed say that Jen is the one of the most talented young actress out there. She’s up there with Chloe Moretz or Mary Elizabeth Winstead (apparently I don’t have a clear definition of young) and certainly better Andrew Garfield. She has a promising career and as long as she steers clear of bad choices, she may be as successful as Di Caprio! I might be too optimistic but she should go straight edge and bring that lifestyle to Hollywood! The Gorehound will certainly be following this wonderful actress and hope the best in her future endeavors. Looking forward to X-Men (2): Days of Future Past!


2 responses to “A Night With Jennifer Lawrence

  1. Roger May 27, 2013 at 12:15 pm

    If you haven’t seen her in “Winter’s Bone” you have missed a powerful performance, that should have produced an oscar for her.

  2. TheGorehound May 27, 2013 at 1:57 pm

    Hey Roger! Great to hear from you. I’ll certainly check it out. Thanks!

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