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Survivor: Caramoan – Season 26, Episode 11 – Come Over to the Dark Side

Survivor: Caramoan was bound to come back down to earth. It’s been a pretty thrilling post-merge game, but tonight’s episode was just a tad too predictable during Tribal Council for my tastes. I’m not saying there has to be a big shocking twist every week, but after Phillip’s ouster (and Corinne’s blindside before that), tonight just felt like a bit of a let-down. It’s kind of strange to even think and type that out, because certain players, namely the Bro-lliance, were actively trying to keep their alliance going strong and pull off an upset. The editing tried to make it look like there would be some uncertainty as well, but I never thought for a minute that anyone other than Malcolm, Reynold, or Eddie would be going home. More on that in a bit, however  — we’ve got an episode to discuss.

The remaining contestants at the Survivor Auction.

The remaining contestants at the Survivor Auction.

Tonight’s episode featured the classic Survivor Auction. Each remaining contestant is given $500 in cash to spend randomly on items in the auction. Items include things like food (pizza, pretzels, peanut butter), beer, letters from home, an idol clue, and an immunity challenge advantage. Malcolm immediately bids on and wins the beer and pretzels, while Reynold gets a slice of pizza (leaving Sherri to blow her entire wad on the rest of the pizza). Cochran gets the challenge advantage, which he must keep rolled up until the next challenge begins. Malcolm then wins the idol clue, immediately causing paranoia in the group. The loser is Brenda, who bids on a blind item that ends up being pig brains. The look of absolute horror and disappointment on her face is palpable. Eddie then wins a bowl full of peanut butter for the tribe to share.

Upon returning to camp, Malcolm immediately plans to search for the idol. Unfortunately, Andrea is on his tail at every step of the way. I’m not sure why he didn’t have Reynold and Eddie run interference (or have them search for the idol themselves). Andrea’s presence causes Malcolm much frustration, and she gets points for doing what she has to do to keep Malcolm idol free. The immunity challenge, a test of strength featuring ropes and totem poles, is up next. Cochrane, using his auction-bought advantage, pretty much dominates throughout, and finally outlasts Eddie, who loses grip of his rope and causes his totem pole to come crashing down. This is Cochrane’s second individual immunity. I don’t think I’d care if he won the rest of them outright!

It is clear from the beginning that the Bro-lliance will be targeted.

It is clear from the beginning that the Bro-lliance will be targeted.

Malcolm then attempts to cause drama and stress in the majority alliance by faking an idol play and attempting to get Sherri and Erik to come over to his side. As noted earlier, it’s never really in doubt that Sherri and Erik will flip despite the editors’ best efforts. In a boring tribal council that features a three-way tie (with the majority alliance splitting the votes to target Reynold and Malcolm), Malcolm is unanimously voted out in a re-vote. Malcolm played a big game for sure, though it wasn’t always a smart game. Still, it’s good to have someone on the show who is actually out there to play and win, and Malcolm’s place in Survivor history is assured now after two strong appearances in a row. I can’t help but think he’ll be back for a third go-round, and that’d be ok with me.


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