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Review: Ghoulies IV (’94)

Before preparing my vegetarian spring rolls on this lonely Saturday night without my wife, I decided to lie back and watch a cheap comedy/fantasy/horror flick.  What shall I watch? I’m quite stocked on midnight horror DVD collections because they are cheap I am always in demand of stupid horror. I came across Ghoulies 4. I’m was left vacant on the story, characters, or ideas but regardless, I knew that this was gremlins rip off and saw some potential. Made in ’94 and directed by Jim Wynorski, we have the third installment in the Ghoulies series. Wynorkski has a plethora of other unique movies. He has an expansive filmography including Dinocroc vs. Supergator, 976-EVIL 2, and Pirahnaconda. I’m not kidding when I tell you that he is also the director of such other films as The Breastford Wives, The Da Vinci Coed, and my favorite title The Devil Wears Nada. To say the least, this guy is has some character.ghoulies4

The simple story: some dominatrix wants to resurrect some demon and to do so she must find a precious jewel. She finds it but then loses the jewel and in the process brings 2 ghoulies into our earthly realm. Since the domantrix killed some security guards to obtain the jewel and ultimately lost it the main character, a cop, gets involved to investigate the murder. The majority of the film is a love story between the main cop character, his whore girlfriend, and his ex girlfriend/coworker. The ghoulies are searching for the jewel to get transported to their world again. In the end, the dominatrix finds another jewel, tries to sacrifice the the whore girlfriend in order to bring the demon back but the plan ultimately gets thwarted. The dominatrix gets banished and the cop gets together with his true love ex girlfriendcoworker. The ghoulies escape via the jewel into their ghoulish world and invites us to the next ghoulies film.

The story really kept me entertained for the first 32 minutes but then it got boring. I like stupid movies. The majority of the movies I watch are ridiculous but Ghoulies IV runs short by amping up the comedy and story in the beginning and then failing to keep me interested. We’ve got all the elements essential: a dominatrix, 2 short gremlin/ghoulies with some sweet lines, a tough jerky cop and his weaker sidekick, and a deep serial plotline going back 3 films. Unfortunately it doesn’t add up. The film isn’t awful but it is better than most low budget films out here.

In addition the lovestory was so bland. It was unique (cop/whore/coworker) but ultimately it was off. I wanted to see more of the ghoulies (if a film is called Ghoulies, I want to see some ghoulies!). I don’t think the director (given a vast pornographic and low budget filmography) has much interested in developing characters or plotlines. I won’t put it past him because the film held up pretty strong for a while.ghoulies4-4

The biggest disasppointment were the ghoulies. I have no idea why they were in this film. They contributed no part. I suppose the only resemblance to the series was the main character that was apparently in the previous. I sat down to watch this film hoping for something like Critters, Gremlins, or some other multiple creature feature. Instead, I just got a love story and crime scene with the black leather dominatrix getting involved. Bleh.

My suggestion: don’t watch this unless you make it a Ghoulies night (which I’d be down for if you like) where all 3 previous films are watched. There is no greatness in this film and anything from the past 3 films should hopefully add some credibility. 2/5.


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