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RIP Carmine Infantino

I first heard it on the Facebook fan page of comic book artist George Perez (which is actually run by George Perez).  It was then picked up by other sources such as IGN and Comic Book Resources, legendary comic artist Carmine Infantino passed away at age 87.

Here is Perez’s message:

So sad to learn of the passing of another comic book legend.  Carmine Infantino was one of the great influential artists in the history of the medium and I will always look upon his Adam Strange, Flash and Space Museum stories as wondrous examples of fantasy made even more magical at the hands of a master.  RIP, Carmine

flash coversInfantino definitely had an influential career.  Beyond co-creating the Barry Allen version of The Flash and his supporting cast (who all still remain to this day), he served as an art director for DC Comics and brought in such talent as Dick Giordano, Neal Adams, and Denny O’Neil into the company.  Also under his watch, Infantino was able to lure Jack Kirby away from Marvel Comics, a feat which still boggles my mind.

Of course, Infantino’s greatest impact to the comic book industry was having a direct role in revitalizing superhero comics in the late 1950s when he, along with Julius Schwartz and Robert Kanigher, introduced Barry Allen in Showcase #4.  That success led to other superhero re-introductions and kicked off the Silver Age of Comic Books.

According to legend, Infantino spearheaded the classic “The Flash of Two Worlds” story by drawing the cover to The Flash #123 featuring the Golden Age Jay Garrick-Flash racing Silver Age Barry Allen-Flash.  The cover was supposedly done as a fun challenged Infantino threw down.  That landmark story would forever change DC Comics by introducing the concept of a multiverse – a concept DC has become known for.

While his artwork may not be as sophisticated by today’s standards there is little doubt that Carmine Infantino left a everlasting mark in the world of comic books.  For me, personally, he co-created two of my favorite comic book characters of all time in the aforementioned Flash (Barry Allen) and Batgirl (Barbra Gordon).

RIP Carmine Infantino.


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