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Trek Tuesday: The Wrath of Khan

After the critical disappointment of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Paramount knew they needed to revise their thinking if they wanted a Star Trek film franchise.  The solution: boot Gene Roddenberry out and bring in two new guys who nobody has ever heard of in order to reboot the series and right the ship.  The gamble paid off, and we got the most iconic Star Trek of them all in The Wrath of Khan.

wrath of khan

What could be said about this movie that has not already been said?  We are given classic cinematic moments, an iconic screen villain (played marvelously by Ricardo Montalban), and arguably the greatest website ever placed on the Internet.

I love the personal nature this film takes.  The Enterprise encounters a huge threat, of course, but that is in no way the focus of the movie.  In the forefront are the relationships between Kirk and Khan, Kirk and Spock, and Kirk and his son.  It wrestles with the idea of growing old and reflecting back on the choices one makes (and if it is too late to fix mistakes).  It deals with concepts of revenge and obsession.  And, the through-line of the movie is all about Spock’s ultimate sacrifice with “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few”.  This is present in every element of the story from Khan’s obsession destroying his crew to Kirk and his reflection back of his life choices.

TWOK really is a beautiful film.  Not only is it the best of the Star Treks, but it is probably one of the finest science fiction adventure films out there.  This is a must-watch for Trek fans and a high recommendation for everyone else.



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