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Survivor: Caramoan – Season 26, Episode 3 – “There’s Gonna Be Hell to Pay”

Tonight’s episode of Survivor focused mostly on the increasingly dysfunctional Gota tribe (once again, the Gota tribe consists of the “Fans”). The number of conflicts between hot-headed Shamar and his tribemates has reached astronomical levels. Not only is Shamar continuing to feud with Reynold, he is also blasting his fellow alliance members Matt and Julia, who has thus far been incredibly quiet and doesn’t seem to be the type of person who would swat a fly, let alone create conflict with the biggest man (who has the biggest mouth) on the tribe.

Andrea made a big move tonight, conspiring against her alliance mate Corinne.

Andrea made a big move tonight, conspiring against her alliance mate Corinne.

Shamar is a tough nut to crack. I’m not sure he’s playing the game to win, and his actions tonight help cement my feelings about him. He continually talks about quitting the game throughout the episode, much to my annoyance. I like Shemar – his ability to speak his mind against all logic is almost admirable – but he is getting to be too much. Reynold rightly points out in a confessional that Shamar’s whining and possible quitting the game is a slap in the face to the 50,000 people who would do anything for a shot to be on a show like Survivor. To his credit, Shamar quits the quitting talk, even going so far as to thank Laura and Sherri for their loyalty to him. Reynold laments the fact that Shamar backed out of quitting.

On the Favorites, or Bikal tribe, Andrea becomes suspicious of Corinne, rightly so since Corinne and Malcolm ended up finding an idol. This brings up two points from me: 1). It continues to annoy me how easy it is to find immunity idols on this show. Production needs to either hide them more efficiently or get rid of them all together. 2). Since the Favorites have received very little screen time since the first episode, it’s kind of hard to buy that Andrea suddenly wants Corinne out of the game. Nevertheless, Andrea conspires with Cochran, who I’ve really been enjoying this season, and Brandon, who I have not been enjoying all that much, to perhaps blindside Corinne sometime in the near future.

The combined immunity/reward challenge (I hope they stop combining them soon) is a doozy – the two tribes must climb over a type of bamboo prison cell set over the ocean, dive down and release a bamboo door, and then carry a heavy trunk back to shore. Once on shore, the teams must push the trunk on a rail, occasionally pulling pieces of rail into place via a ring tied to a rope. It sounds more complicated than it is, and appears more difficult than it looks. In short, it’s the perfect type of physical, intense challenge for this game. I’m not sure I’ve seen it on the show in the past, which is rare for Survivor at season 26.

Reynold and Eddie are on the chopping block.

Reynold and Eddie are on the chopping block.

The Favorites pull off a victory after a slow start, and despite some editing tricks suggesting a testy tribal council, nothing out of the ordinary really happens. For a moment it did seem as if a few of the majority alliance, namely Julia and Laura, might end up voting off Shemar, who they see as annoying but who is a valuable goat in the game. The two stick with their original plan, however, and poor Hope is caught in the crossfire, just as Allie was last week. Reynold and Eddie are left scrambling once again, and Shamar dodges a bullet for another week.



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