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‘Argo’ Wins Best Picture

argoOver the past few weeks, there has been some Oscar talk here at the Culture Cast.  Zack looked back on the Oscars from the past few years, while I focused on 2012’s nominations.  Earlier tonight, all the winners were announced in the yearly over-long awards ceremony.

Capturing best picture was Argo, the Ben Affleck directed political thriller.  Honestly, I was surprised by the win only because Affleck was not even nominated for the Best Director.  Some people out there argue that he was robbed of a nomination.  I do not know much about that, so I will leave that debate to others who actually care.

Bringing this down to a personal level, I think it was kind of cool to see Argo win mostly because I had the opportunity to catch the movie way back in October before it really got big (on opening day, in fact).  I realize a comment like this dangerously causes me to sound like a hipster, but I cannot deny the minor buzz it gives me.  It is fun to be on the ground floor for something.

Back in October, I had this to say about Argo:

No doubt, Argo is the first to really kick-off Oscar Season at the movies.  However, there never is that pretentious vibe other Oscar contenders potentially have.  Great direction.  Great performances.  Great everything, really.

Looks like the Academy agreed.



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