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Review: Lollipop Chainsaw on the XBOX 360

I know I usually don’t get to games months after they’ve been released but a late review is better than no review, right? Well to get started, I thoroughly enjoyed this game. It was released in June of 2012 on 360 and PS3. It’s been the first game since Skyrim that I’ve really been looking forward to and wanting to play. All in all, I loved the game and was very happy I bought it instead of renting it. It was entertaining, and I would recommend it to, in particular, gorehounds and metalheads. Not exactly for the modest or younger crowd because there are very many obscenities, sexual references, profanity, and vulgar language, all of which really made me laugh out loud.

Juliet Starling with a horde of zombies.

“Gross, stupid, undead douchebags!”

The story: Juliet, a hot cheerleader in high school, hunts zombies with her family. The school is taken over by an emo guy (or should I say misunderstood?) who unleashes the rotten”, that is, zombies, demons, or whatevs). Juliet loves her school and wants the rotten to leave so she takes it upon herself, and her boyfriend to kill and abolish them. Simple and succinct plot, I like that. By the way, her boyfriend was eaten by zombies so Juliet somehow severs the head, puts a collar on, and drags him through the entire game by her waist. He adds the humorous lines and the interaction between the two lovebirds is tremendously funny. There is a lot of magic which gives rises to a talking head, bosses coming back, and a fantastical nature.

The music is superb with Mindless Self Indulgence frontman contributing to most of the music. In addition, there are also other popular metal bands. I know I heard Arch Enemy, possibly some Murderdolls, and quite a few others. I actually got to the point where I wanted to unlock more music, with my precious medals, to see which other artists they had brought on. This is actually the music that I would listen to in my spare time, such as if you go in my truck I might already have some Arch Enemy playing.

"Gross - Stupid - Undead douchebags!"

The beautiful protagonist, Juliet Starling

I personally love the hack and slash genre. This game was that. Combos, slashes, finishers, running around avoiding bullets, blood splatter. It’s all there and glorious. Though I must admit and as low as it is, the character is also gorgeous which keeps me very glued to the game. It’s a hot cheerleader who wears a short skirt.  I’ll leave it at that. In addition there were many references to horror icons and other cult movies: San Romero high school, Fulci Fun Center, Juliet’s dad resembling Bubbo Ho-Tep, and the line “Zed’s dead baby, Zed’s dead”  were the few that I caught. There’s even a level that has you re-enacting classic videogames like PAC-MAN. It’s full of mini games that can be challenging, but nothing worth punching a hole in the wall. I LOVED hearing the “Hey Mickey you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind” song every time you unlock your “Sparkle Hunting ” Mode! I would use it, even if it was unnecessary because the music is so rad.

The downfalls of the game, if there really were any, may have been the shortness or whatevs. I personally didn’t mind the shortness because replay value isn’t essential in videogames. This game is very story based where you look forward to the cut scenes as much as the action itself. I got the game for less than $20 on Amazon so even the slightness bit of entertainment is acceptable. I’ll certainly play it again because there are still a lot of unlockables such as different combos, music, outfits, and level ups. It’s hard to say that there bad things about it because I enjoyed every minute of it. Maybe too much vulgarity for some? The game certainly doesn’t have the depth of Skyrim, or the seriousness of Assassin’s Creed, but it’s also not as shallow as Sonic the Hedgehog.  It’s a nice change of pace to see rainbows and glitter in games.

Also, worth mentioning is James Gunn had a hand in production. He has directed such great films such as: Slither (’06), Super (’10, with Ellen Page and Rainn Wilson), and the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy (’14). I am a big fan of his, espescially Slither. You can tell that the story really rises above many other zombie games with excellent script, characters, and progression.

In the end, this game was made for me. Slashing zombies, blood splatter, gore, and metal music. It’s all me and I loved it. Maybe you will too! 5/5


2 responses to “Review: Lollipop Chainsaw on the XBOX 360

  1. CultureCast-Z January 14, 2013 at 7:22 pm

    “I personally didn’t mind the shortness because replay value isn’t essential in videogames.”

    I couldn’t disagree more with you there, Kyle. Replay value is one of the things that determines whether or not I buy a game at all. It’s cool that you spend less than $20 on this, but if you had bought it at $60 when it had first come out, you might have regretted it. I just can’t see myself spending full retail on a game like this.

  2. CultureCast-K January 15, 2013 at 9:43 pm

    Oh certainly if I had paid $60 I would have been let down because the game is only worth that $20! The game is certainly not worth full retail value. I was merely admiring the the game for the price and while I do believe replay value isn’t essential, it is one major factor I consider when buying games.

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