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Oscar Nominations Are Out!

Earlier today, the Oscar Nominations were revealed.  Usually, I am somewhat cynical towards the Academy Awards.  Not because I am one of those people who thinks the Academy is always wrong.  Rather, I find film to be, mostly, a subjective thing and to have a universal “best” is impossible (I tend to prefer “best of” lists).  But, even I cannot deny it is always fun to speculate on who the actual winners will be.  Here are my thoughts for the categories I am interested in.


Best Picture/Best Director
These categories usually go hand-in-hand.  Because of that, I am going to automatically eliminate Argo, Django Unchained, Zero Dark Thirty, and Les Miserables since those films’ respective directors were not nominated.  Of the rest, Spielberg is an Academy favorite, but Ang Lee’s Life of Pi might have enough uniqueness to it to pull ahead.  Personally, I am quietly rooting for David O Russell’s Silver Linings Playbook as this is so completely different from everything else on the list (and I like a good underdog).

Best Actor
This can go in any direction.  I can see Denzel Washington winning as he is a consistent favorite for many and Flight was the first film of his to get any true acclaim in a while.  Hugh Jackman is a marvel when it comes to stage musicals, so he might have the winning combination for Les Mis.  Daniel Day-Lewis for Lincoln?  Could be as he nailed the popular 16th president (especially in a politically charged year).  Joaquin Pheonix and Bradley Cooper are, I feel, generally underrated actors.  Seeing them grab the award would be something indeed.

Best Actress
This one, like Best Actor, is highly competitive.  I would not know even where to begin.  Because I like the underdog, Jennifer Lawrence winning would be great to see.  Although, I can see some stiff competition from Jessica Chastain from Zero Dark Thirty.  I think I will leave it at that, because I do not know what else to really say.

Best Actor in a Supporting Role
All of these actors are great, but, for me, Christoph Waltz in Django Unchained is the clear winner.  His character was so damned watchable, even if the rest of the movie was rubbish.

Best Actress in a Supporting Role
Again, another list of respected veterans.  The favorite seems to be Anne Hathaway in Les Mis, but I just cannot get behind that.  Everything that I have seen of her in the film just reeks of trying too hard.  Still, I would not be surprised if she comes ahead.

Best Original Screen Play
I think Wes Anderson and other guy (honestly, no one cares about this guy) will likely win with Moonrise Kingdom.  Compared to most, Anderson’s stuff is almost too original for its own good (as strange as that sounds) that it can easily get the award.  Possibly Tarantino can win for Django, but I can see the controversy that would cause.  The Academy might intentionally try to steer clear.

Best Adapted Screenplay
Possibly Life of Pi given the uniqueness of it.  My other “best bet” would be Christ Terrio for Argo.  However, I am holding out hope for Russell’s Silver Linings Playbook (underdog and such).

Best Animated Feature
Personally, I think it will be a battle between Brave, Wreck-It Ralph, and, in a distant third, Frankenweenie.  Of the three, Frankenweenie is the most interesting, but the power horse of Pixar will likely be victorious.  In any event, it is going to be a good day for Disney.

Best Original Song
Adele is the “It-Girl” when it comes to music, so I can see Skyfall winning, but a new song for a classic musical?  Les Mis might have this one in the bag.

So, what do you think?  Do you agree, or am I way off?  Sound off below!



3 responses to “Oscar Nominations Are Out!

  1. CultureCast-Z January 10, 2013 at 8:57 pm

    I really hope Jennifer Lawrence wins. Not only is she really humble, she’s also hilarious. Check out some of her interviews where she’s basically just trolling the morons asking her ridiculously dumb questions.

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