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Review of the new release: The Dead Inside

This movie was slightly difficult to acquire since I only use my local video store (Mokena video) and Netflix and thus, I signed up for a free month subscription to Blockbuster (don’t tell anyone but I’m going to cancel before the month is up). Two years after Lo, Travis Betz has brought us another flick called The Dead Inside. Starring the stunning Sarah Lassez we have a rare horror musical in front of us. The premise and trailer don’t really attract me but since Lo was so wonderful I can look past it because I believe in the director’s vision. I’ve never watched a good horror musical and don’t particularly look for them. The only few I can think of are Rocky Horror, Dr. Horrible, and Repo! None of which moved me one bit and pretty much made me hate musicals. Let’s get to it.

The premise follows a male and a female in relationship. The girl writes horror stories and the male works for weddings or something. In a surprise twist the girl ends up switching bodies with her zombie character, whom she was writing about. The zombie character mirrors/resembles the living couples relationship. The living male shows his unwavering love by keeping her, the zombie girl (in his girlfriend’s body) locked away until his true girlfriend returns. But imagine how difficult if one day, your significant otThe living coupleher switched bodies with someone else (i.e., the body your dating isn’t the person you’re dating anymore)? The story pursues, he tries to manage this situation while getting his true love back. What kept me most interested and attached was my desire to see the living and zombie couple reunite. Both couples were so happy and so coordinated. Drinking beers, watching movies, being attractive as all hell for the living couple? Then on other (zombie) side just looking for dinner together, coordinating your efforts to hunt for the prey. What’s better than that?

Anyways, the script and dialogue where wonderful though I must admit that I had huge intentions/expectations for this film following Lo. Lisa says the music wasn’t the greatest but they’re not going for any awards. The singing added a unique element which I can appreciate. The musical aspect played well into the film. I thought to myself, “If there were no singing in this film, would it be just as good?” No, it might’ve been darker, not as serious, and not as good. I don’t care that it wasn’t Celine Dion because they’re trying to be and that’s what I like.

The ending? Disappointing. I always wanted to see a film to end on something bleak, dismal, and thrown away but when it does, a part of me dies. Gosh, that it is heartbreaking. As soon as I heard the “Emily…” I knew what ...and the dead couplewas coming. The living male can’t take it anymore and kills the person who has taken his girlfriend away. Bad stories on both side of the living divide as both males have lost their females. Go watch it and you’ll understand. I do admit, the premise is hard to follow. It is easy to explain face-to-face but I’m trying to be succinct.

Go ahead and try to catch this flick. With hope, we’ll see it around a bit more. I certainly hope to see more films from this fabulous director. I’d give this film a 4/5 because while I’m not sure this film is cinematically superior to the rest of the horror genre, I enjoyed it and isn’t that all that matters? It is certainly the best horror musical. Thank you for reading and pardon my typos and illogical grammar as my wife hasn’t proofread for errors.


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