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25 Days of Christmas: ‘White Christmas’

Day 24whtchris

What could be said about White Christmas that has not already been said?  It is, arguably, the greatest Christmas movie ever made.  And, on top of that, it is, arguably, one of the best movies ever made.  It has everything anyone could want: a solid story, likeable leads, snappy dialogue, memorable songs, and provides a general good time for anyone watching.  I have a confession: I first saw this movie last year.  It made that much of an impression on me.

Our story centers on two Broadway stars (played by Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye) who, though various situations, befriend a pair of musically inclined sisters (Rosemary Clooney and Vera-Ellen).  They wind up at an inn in Vermont, which happens to be run by the former army general of the Broadway duo.  Seeing that the general feels somewhat down and useless, they hatch a plot to bring everyone who served under the general to the inn for Christmas as a way to show he is not forgotten.  There is also romance between the four leads.

The actual plot of this movie takes some time to get going, and there is a lot more to the film than that.  I do like how you do not really know where this film is going for the first thirty or so minutes.  In a different movie, this would be a problem.  Here, everything is so breezy and fun, that I do not care.  Director Michael Curtiz utilizes the time by really developing the four main leads.  That way, when the plot really kicks in, everything is established.

Now, to be fair, if you are going to watch this with a modern day expectation, you are going to find faults.  You have to realize that movie storytelling was somewhat different in the 1950s.  Audiences were not nearly as critical as they seem to be to movies today, and movies of that time (especially musicals) took the occasional leap in logic for story purposes.  You just have to look the other way.  Besides, so much fun is going on, none of White Christmas’s faults matter.

This is a great film.  If you have not already seen it, do so!  The holiday season is not quite over yet; there is still time!  The music is great, the dancing is phenomenal (Vera-Ellen is unparalleled as far as I am concerned), and the story is heartwarming without being cheesy.  Christmas movies do not get much better than White Christmas.



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