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Review of a favorite film about demons and love: Lo

As much as I love movies with no value whatsoever (such as the recent Sharktopus), I yearn for films with deeper meanings. From the actors’ dialogue to the simple title, the story is centered on love with a devilish twist.  Beware, before you read on that I’ll be spoiling the plot a bit, but it’s still worth the read. Lo is a 5 out of 5 movie directed by Travis Betz and starring the beautiful Sarah Lassez.  The beginning of the film begins…

… with Justin summoning a demon named Lo who was given authority to grant wishes, if he desires.  He’s got a sick sense of humor and appears to have broken appendages below his waist, but Justin’s ran out of options. He asks Lo to bring back his true love, April back from Hell. Lo mocks, ridicules, and humiliates Justin for reasons we the viewers may not understand at first.  Justin wholeheartedly attempts to make his case resonate with the demon’s moral judgment, but Lo’s not just a tough cookie to crack, he’s rude, disgusting, but there’s a mystery there that makes Justin think he can make a breakthrough.  Soon enough, we jump to the past to see that he has fallen in love with April, who has a secret and an awkward personality. Her unorthodox character comes off as nothing less than charming in Justin’s eyes.


But unbeknownst to him, April is an escaped demon from Hell and is being pursued by another demon, Jeez. While Jeez is trying to banish April from the earthly world, Justin is mortally harmed and death is imminent. In exchange for a peaceful return to Hell, April returns health back to Justin and departs to Hell without any goodbye. Still in the dark about April’s true identity as a demon, Justin continues to barter with Lo for the return of his love. Does love survive in Hell? Who is Lo, this demon who converses with Justin?

No CGI in this film! The three demons in the film are hairy, gross, weird, rude, and totally awesome. Justin is certainly likable and I get the impression that he is pretty weak, doesn’t care about much and is pretty passive. But when it comes to April, he is ready to offer his soul for her. He begins to understand Lo’s demonic ways and his love perseveres.  I like every character in the film. The demons are fun, yet serious, Justin seems pretty tight, and April is gorgeous and intriguing.


The majority of this film sees Justin in a circle, speaking to this hideous demon. Movies with this simple scenery allow the viewer to focus on what is most important. All we see is the light shining on the two with a few “mini plays” presenting Justin’s interpretations of events with April. In doesn’t matter that Justin is doing this in his apartment, but what does matter is the dialogue and what we see. Remember 12 Angry Men? You focus on the dialogue, interactions, and relationships.

As the plot thickens, we discover that April is Lo. April/Lo cannot break the bonds of Hell by showing affection or love, so she is forced to follow hellish antics.  Ridicule, humiliation, and delusion pursue. As a demon she cannot show love or compassion. We see that the love between them survives despite the rules. Her soul/inner-self wants Justin’s peace. He bargains with, what he knows as a filthy demon (which is truly madly deeply his love), by offering his soul in return for demon possession but she “internally” knows that this too harmful. They cannot love in Hell; it is truth that Hell is without happiness or love, and nothing can be changed about that. It is better for them to accept the loss of love, than an eternity of togetherness but an inherent absence of love.

You should watch this film. It is wonderful. Again, a 5 out of 5. The only limitation is that there is a boundary to its understanding. Once you understand it, which is very easy, there isn’t anything else to interpret. It is enjoyable, intriguing, and available on Netflix. Look forward to my review of Travis Betz’s new film, The Dead Inside where Sarah Lassez makes a wonderful return.


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