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25 Days of Christmas: ‘Die Hard 2’

Day 16dh2

Though I like the original Die Hard, I actually prefer Die Hard 2 more.  I know.  I know.  That is sacrilege, and I fully recognize that the John McClane’s first adventure is the overall better movie.  However, there is something about Die Hard 2 that just hits me the right way and makes me want to watch it more than the original.

I think the reason I like it is that everything is just so over-the-top that it’s ridiculousness works.  Sure, the story is needlessly complex and somewhat meandering, various character interactions and set-ups are dubious and forced, and the action is a bit eye-rolling.  But, you know what?  None of that bothers me.  Somehow, I think the movie knew that it was going to be a little silly, so it just decided to run with it.  For me, it works!

I think also why I like this movie is the fact that, in regards to airports, times are so different now than they were in 1990 (in case you did not know, Die Hard 2 is set in an airport).  Everything that happens in the movie would never happen in today’s world. From the casual smoking to how easy it is to access secure areas, the film truly feels like it comes from another era.  While I would not call it nostalgia, I do get a kick out of it.

This was the last Die Hard film to really feel like a Die Hard film.  Beyond leaving the Christmas setting behind, the subsequent films, though entertaining in their own right, got a little too silly and unrealistic to fully buy into.  While not for everyone, Die Hard 2 is my personal favorite of the franchise, and definitely worth seeing back-to-back with the first one.


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