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Yesterday, the trailer for the upcoming Superman movie, Man of Steel, was released online.  Though I have some reservations about the film itself, the trailer does its job well.  The rest of the internet seemed to react very positively towards it.  However, my faith in humanity continues to decrease as the trailer was also met with unanimous hyperbole.

Superhero Hype, a site I generally like to follow, has a talkback section.  In their article covering the trailer, we had these following gems:

“Talk about being choked up and speachless [sic] all at the same time, didn’t expect to find tears in my eyes…what??” – NYTOC

“Makes me proud to be an American.” – Joe


“I just masturbated to this vigorously…is that weird?” – Terd Ferguson

“I cried while jizzing my pants, I am PUMPED!” – BCThaGr8

That last one is a class act all the way.  These are just examples.  The article is flooded with similar ones.  Of course some were quick to compare it to 2006’s Superman Returns with sensible statements such as:

“OK, just watched the trailer again. I want to punch Bryan Singer in the face now….” – K’aiser SoeZei

“I endorse your desire.” – Sol


There is absolutely no need for this kind of behavior.  None!  Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies also were met the same way.  It is good to be excited about a movie, but there is no need to be this over-the-top.  Especially for a two-minute trailer.  The sad thing is that if someone tries to call out others on this, they turn on and belittle that person like a rabid dog.  Kind of like what happened to this poor fellow:

“The best part of the trailer was the hyperbole it caused!” – .

“Aren’t you the cutest little cynic.” – Sol

I do not know why he even tried.  Let’s not even get into what would happen if someone was not completely taken with the trailer.  God help them.

Perhaps some of these people are trolling, but after almost 600 over-the-top comments, I cannot believe that is the case.  I do not get why people are like this.  No one’s life can be this dull to get this crazy over a movie trailer.  Can it?  Maybe it is a game of who can out-do who with the craziest comment.  I do not know.

Hopefully, one day, this will go away.  But I doubt this will ever be the case.




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