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Survivor: Philippines – Episode 6 “Down and Dirty”

It’s been a few weeks since my last Survivor recap, so I thought I’d check in and dress down this week’s episode. Unfortunately, it was probably my least favorite episode of the season thus far. In the time we’ve missed, a player (Dana) has been removed due to illness, the Matsing tribe is now more (RIP Russell Swan), and the Kalabaw tribe has lost two members and is losing momentum fast. The Tandang tribe continues to self-implode, with RC and Mike Skupin clearly on the outs. Pete, Abi, and to some extent Lisa (and also new Tandang member, Malcolm) have seized power. Pete has been creating considerable chaos, which would be fun if he wasn’t such an ass about it. Though the members clearly hate each other, they continue to win challenges.

Anyway, tonight is all about a controversial Reward Challenge trade. Penner and Skupin, after endearing an hour long, grueling stalemate of a challenge, propose a trade: Penner’s tribe will give up the last of their rice for the Reward Challenge, a picnic complete with sandwiches, potato chips, and brownies for dessert. Though some tribe members grumble (particularly Artis, who acts like a baby when he gets screen time – which is thankfully not that often), eventually the agreement is made. What’s interesting is that the trade-off isn’t really that bad, because both tribes kinda got screwed. Penner’s tribe gorges on sandwiches and lemonade, but who knows where tomorrow’s meal will come from. Meanwhile, Skupin’s tribe bickers about the small amount of rice they got in return for essentially abandoning the challenge (which again was grueling and stalemated). No one walks away smelling like roses, and Carter (Kalabaw) and Abi and Artis (Tandang) let their respective leaders know it.

The problem I have with this is that they both failed to speak up significantly during the trade proposal. Every tribe member is asked to weigh in, with some ducking responsibility altogether (Lisa) and some clearly annoyed with the proceedings (the aforementioned Artis). But again, no one stands up and clearly makes their position known – for reasons completely unknown. A similar proposal took place on the last season, wherein the men decided to go to tribal in place of the women, which about half the men disagreed with while also not speaking up. Tandang have dominated challenges this season, but that apparently is never enough for the irritated (and irritating) Artis and the total whackjob Abi-Maria.

After the Reward Challenge, Kalabaw attempts to go fishing. Penner is only able to wrangle in a few small fish, and his tribemates quickly turn against him. Katie, the beauty queen from Delaware or something, makes it quite clear she wants Penner gone at the next opportunity. Carter, who really should be seen and not heard (he doesn’t sound all that bright and is the opposite of charming), blasts Penner, and questions out loud if he should be the next to go as well. With momentum continually against them, Kalabaw does indeed lose the next immunity challenge. Jeff Kent, who has really turned into a great Survivor personality, manages to score three impressive points for his team, but he basically gets no help (especially from Carter).

There’s some question over whether it’ll end up being Penner or Katie who gets sent packing. Ultimately, Penner’s ties to Kent and Carter are too much for Katie, who gets packing before we really get any idea of the player she could have been (much like Dana and Dawson, her allies). Kalabaw is down to four members, including the former Matsing member Denise. It looks like next week we get some kind of twist in the game, possibly a tribal merge. I would be sad to see the merge this early, but it’s understandable being that Kalabaw has lost three members in a row. A tribal swap this late in the game would be pretty stupid, after all.

Next week on Survivor: There is some kind of twist or something, and maybe things won’t be as they seem.

Prediction for Next Week’s Boot: I have no idea. I’m going to go with RC, for no particular reason.



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