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Friday Five – Winter Time!

The Summer Movie season is long over.  Now is the time to look forward to see what winter has in store for us.  As Zack already has reported, it seems like we have a pretty solid movie slate ahead.  So, for this week’s Friday Five, I am going to talk about five movies that I am looking forward to this winter.

I was an early supporter of Daniel Craig as James Bond, and I have been following the production of this movie since Quantum of Solace premiered with a thud in 2008.  I am eagerly looking forward to it.  It looks solid with a surprisingly superb cast and director.  After the slight experimentation of Casino Royale and QoS, this feels like a return to form for the Bond franchise.  Prepare yourself for more Bond-related coverage later on this month.

I was a bit lukewarm about this movie when I first heard of it.  It struck me a bit too gimmicky for it to be part of the Disney canon.  I know that sounds arrogant and stupid, but that was my feelings on it.  However, since seeing some previews and getting a better feel about the story, I have to say I am very much looking forward to it.  While I am disappointed that Disney continues to neglect traditional animation, one probably would not want a movie about a video game character to be traditionally animated.  Plus, I have yet to really find a good animated family film for 2012.  Perhaps this will be it.

On the Road

Confession:  I loathe the novel.  I find it to be pretentious and overrated.  I want to yell at the characters to shut up and get a job.  Yet, I am utterly intrigued by this movie adaptation.  For starters, it is the first time On the Road has been adapted.  I was surprised when I realized that.  Second, the cast is great.  Kristen Stewart, Amy Adams, Kristen Dunst, Steve Buscemi, and the rest are not the ones who I would have pictured to be in a film like this.  I feel inclined to check it out.

Jack Reacher
It is Tom Cruise in an action movie.  What more can be said.  Even the bad Tom Cruise movies are still entertaining.  Plus, I am one of the few who actually still likes Tom Cruise.  I am sold.  Also, I know virtually nothing what this movie is about.  Nor am I familiar at all with the source material.  And, I am fine with that.  I like going into a movie completely blind.  It makes for a very entertaining experience because there are no expectations!


Django Unchained
I am not a big Quentin Tarantino fan, but there is a certain energy to this movie that just captivates me.  I cannot explain it.  Plus, and this is what really is selling me on it, is that we have Leonardo DiCaprio (who, in my opinion, is probably the best actor of his generation) playing what appears to be a villain.  To me, this is very against type, and, judging from the trailers, seems like the actor really throws himself into the role.  I want to see that.  Who wouldn’t?

Those are the movies I want to see.  What about you?  Sound off below!  Since the winter movie season is so thick this year, maybe next week, I will do a five movies I have zero interest in seeing.


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