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Premium Rush!

Premium Rush is a stupid movie.  The film tries to portray bike messengers (and bikes in general) as being outrageously cool who live dangerous, exciting lives.  This is a premise I simply cannot get behind.  Fortunately, it seems as if the filmmakers could not get behind it either.  And, in a wise movie, nothing in this movie is really taken seriously.  So, as I mentioned, Premium Rush is a stupid movie.  But, it is also incredibly fun which is because the film does not take itself seriously. 

It also has a lot to do with immensely likeable performances by hero Joseph Gordon-Levitt (in his 458th movie this year) and villain Michael Shannon.  These two actors play very well off each other.  Shannon, in particular, seems like he is having the time of his life playing this somewhat over-the-top character (assuming, of course, this is not a case of over-acting).

The film features a slightly non-linear narrative (somewhat reminiscent of Gordon-Levitt’s (500) Days of Summer), and it really works for this movie.  It allows viewers to jump into the “bike-action” right away and then rewinds to find out why things are the way they are for the different characters.  Upon thinking about it, I do not think a linear progression would have worked.  Smart move.

This is not a perfect film by any means (remember, stupid movie).  A lot of the things in Premium Rush are complete nonsense, especially in the third act.  The story is a bit clichéd, the romance is thinly developed, some of the characters are paper-thin, and some events really try to break your suspension of disbelief.  However, a lot of that can be overlooked, because the movie is incredibly fun.

This was a good movie for August.  I am surprised that is has floundering the way it is at the box office, particularly with Gordon-Levitt as the lead (check out Zack’s take on what went wrong here).  Fortunately, it is still playing widely.  I recommend checking it out if you want to see a light, breezy, fun film.  You will not be disappointed.

Now, if you will excuse me.  I am going to get my bike, so I, too, can be a badass.



7 responses to “Premium Rush!

  1. CultureCast-Z September 3, 2012 at 8:17 pm

    I think this movie would have done better had it been released in like January or February. I liked it a lot. I didn’t think it was that stupid (but it is kinda dumb). Shannon wasn’t really over-acting. He’s just a damn good actor. Can’t wait to see him as Zod. Loved the way the movie played with time as well. Things dragged a tad in the middle but the action picks back up again nicely. Won’t buy it on Blu Ray but glad I saw it.

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