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The Dregs of Summer

August is a wasteland of movies.  We get films that could not compete during with the blockbusters, so they are dumped here.  Usually, you can find some nice little gems, but most of these movies are quickly forgotten and, as Zack put it, “get a quick death.”

I like checking these movies out, because they are lower-key, and there have been a few which I desire to see.  However, due to my unexpected work schedule, I have been way behind.  These movies are going to be bounced out of theaters pretty soon, so I need to hurry up to see them as I doubt I will even remember they existed by the time they are released on DVD.

Total Recall

I never saw the original one.  I do not care about the original one (I do not have a problem with remakes the way others do).  This one looks interesting to me as a solid B-level action flick.  It sports a solid cast headlined by Colin Farrell with a really cool concept which I can see myself fully enjoying.  I might find it to be terrible, but I want to check this out in theaters.  In fact, I have already bought a ticket for this movie.  I intended to see it on opening day, but 15 minutes into the movie, the theater lost power.  I was given a ticket voucher to come back.  I have not had the opportunity yet.

Actually, the power outage is what caused me “being behind”.  Not that I need to see these movies in release order, but the older a film is, the quicker it will leave theaters.

The Bourne Legacy

I liked the previous ones, I like Jeremy Renner, and I am intrigued in learning how they are going to extend this storyline beyond what was laid out in the first three (especially without the titular Jason Bourne.  It is the perfect combination to get me to the theater.


Premium Rush

I know it looks like The Transporter (with bikes!).  Seriously turning a pedal bike into the vehicle of choice for an action movie comes came off as some sort of parody which would be at home in Family Guy or The Simpsons.  When I first saw the trailer, I mocked it because of that.  However, the concept just seems so ridiculous and stupid that it just might work.  Where can I buy a ticket?

Hit and Run

I know very little about the movie and the trailer gives little indication of what the storyline of this comedy is actually about.  However, there is just something about Bradley Cooper’s performance that I find utterly intriguing, and I really like the idea of going into a movie completely blind.

That is really about it.  Maybe me making this list will light a fire under me to go and see them.  I have stayed away from spoilers and critical reviews of the above (and I would appreciate it if anyone leaving comments do as well).  I know the only other big-ish wasteland release coming up is Dredd.  Honestly, I have almost zero interest in that…yet.  Who knows what will happen closer to release?



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  1. cinemasoundblog August 30, 2012 at 8:38 pm

    I really like this post. August certainly has been a weak month for movies. Check out my site and follow me if you like my movie reviews. For the month of August I have reviews for The Bourne Legacy and The Campaign.

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