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Occupy Riverdale!

Archie Comics #635 was released last Wednesday.  The center story featured Archie and the gang taking sides of the whole Occupy Movement.  You can read more about it here.

I should state that this is not a comic book review.  This entry is meant to be more of a question I am throwing out/a commentary I have with the story idea.  The Occupy Movement seems like such an odd addition to Archie Comics.  I am not against adding topical events into a children’s story; it is just this one seems like such a poor choice.

Archie, though enjoyed by all ages, is generally geared towards younger readers (perhaps 7-12 year olds).  To utilize such a potentially confusing political protest to outline a comic story seems like poor choice.  And, yes, the Occupy Movement is a confusing political protest for children to understand (even if the story is completely balanced).  Granted, you can distill it to a “the rich are evil/too rich”, but if you do that, then it becomes oversimplified and diminishes the idealistic reasons behind the movement.

Secondary, the Occupy Movement was a largely an unmitigated disaster of a protest which made the protesters come off much more foolish and entitled than they likely intended to be (despite their good intentions).  Along those lines, people have moved on from and stopped caring about the Occupy Movement over six months ago.  It is no longer relevant.  The Archie issue was already dated before it even came out.  Also, have not the “evil rich” and the “oppressed forward-thinkers” become total clichés at this point (though, in fairness, Archie is loaded with clichés already).

So, I guess my question is: what’s the point of doing this story?  Maybe they already had it in the pipeline before the Occupy Movement ran out of steam, and it was merely an issue of poor timing.  But, if so, was this really the appropriate target audience for an Occupy storyline?  Does Archie do these things often in its storylines?  I really don’t know.

What are your thoughts?


One response to “Occupy Riverdale!

  1. CultureCast-Z August 1, 2012 at 3:17 pm

    Is it sad I find this absolutely hilarious?

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