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Speed Reading! – The Flash #7

“Into the Light”

This was a bizarre issue.  It wasn’t focused.  The narrative was all over the place.  It was basically 20 pages of “stuff happening”.  Yet, that’s all okay.

The issue doesn’t have a beginning or an ending. The Flash #7 is the perfect example of a “bridge” issue.  It quickly wraps up the events in the previous issue.  Captain Cold is defeated, and his sister is cured.  It then sets up stuff for the next (few) issues with Flash jumping into the speed force and meeting new character Turbine (to be explored further in issue 8).  We also get our first glimpses of Grodd and Gorilla City (to be explored in issue 9), and we have a hint of the Pied Piper.

I feel that Manapul and Buccellato took a pause here to really organize the next major story they are heading towards.  Normally, that would seem like it would stop a series dead and/or make things feel forced when hints are dropped.  However, it works in this case, because they take the time to look at some of the other, side characters, readers get a chance to grasp some of their characterization.

I particularly like the scene between Patty and Singh.  Particularly in Singh’s case, M&B started to chip away at who this person was beyond Barry’s somewhat hard-ass boss.  I am really feeling that world-building aspect happening.  I like it and wish this was brought into the series earlier.

Because of that, it is a quieter issue.  I feel that was ultimately a good thing given the neck-breaking speed this series has largely been going at.

Next: “Introducing Turbine! And the Secret of the Speed Force!


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