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Speed Reading! – The Flash #6

“Best Served Cold”

Let’s face it, if you are a fan of The Flash or just of DC Comics in general, this was probably the issue you’ve been waiting for.  Captain Cold, arguably Flash’s arch nemesis makes his full-blown return.  Not only that, but we get to see his controversial redesign.

Personally, I think it’s great.  Before Cold uses freeze guns as his modus operandi.  Now, he has freeze powers, where he can literally make the area around him colder in addition to forming ice from his body.  Apparently, many of the other Flash villains will have similar things happening to them.  It works, and makes a lot more sense.  Looking beyond why these characters wouldn’t patent and sell their clearly advanced technology for a profit instead of leading a life of crime, it also does away with the ridiculous notion that these characters would even be able to use their weapons before Flash has a chance to stop them.  Being the “fastest man alive” would suggest that Flash would take the gun out of Cold’s hand before he could even reach for it.

I also enjoy how now Cold is able to actually cause Flash to literally slow down by cooling his molecules.  That’s a fantastic use of the good captain, and makes the villain more of a threat and challenge to the Flash.

The costume looks cool too.  Some folks have said it looks stupid.  I have a truth bomb for them: all superhero/super-villain costumes ultimately look stupid.  This is a nice modernization of Cold’s original parka.

Moving on.  The story here is pretty tight.  I can’t help by feel that this should have been the first issue of this series.  I more of a feeling of world building in addition to nice introductions for our main cast of characters.  It is a strong issue all around.

I particularly like how Manapul and Buccellato rank up the intensity in this issue.  Beyond an unrelenting fight sequence, Flash is dealing with a slowly-being-destroyed boat with his friends on it, and constantly getting updates about how his speed power is building up (we learn that the more Flash runs, bad things can occur).

All that said, some things were a bit too convenient and/or strange.  For one, of all places, why are Barry and Patty meeting Iris on a restaurant boat (called “Captain Jay’s” – a reference to Jay Garrick, perhaps?)?  Seems like such an odd selection.  Also, it just seems a bit too easy that Cold starts to cause trouble to call out the Flash in the exact same area where Barry happens to be at.  However, these are minor things and, let’s face it, very common of the comic book genre.

Finally, there is this:

I see what you did there.

I liked this issue.  It was action packed, it was interesting, and I am eagerly excited for issue 7!

Next: “A Chilling Sacrifice!”


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