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Speed Reading! – The Flash #4

“Mob Rule”

Barry was shot in the head at the end of last issue.  This issue, we learned he vibrated at the last minute and the bullet when through him.  Yes, we saw blood splatter from an exit wound.  Turns out he hit his head on the wall.  Yes, it is a complete copout.  No, there probably wasn’t another way around it.

This issue, we get the background of our villain(s) Mob Rule.  It is a very average issue.  Nothing too exciting, but nothing too awful either.  We learn how all the clones of Manuel came to be.  I have to say, the idea that Manapul and Buccellato came up with was very clever.  Turns out when parts are cut off of Manuel, not only does he grow them back, but the dismembered part grows the rest of the body back.  That’s completely wacky, and it is pretty brilliant.  While I doubt M&B were the first to ever come up with this idea, it’s is not common at all.  It is a unique take on the clone concept.

Beyond that, nothing of real value happens in the issue.  Iris is stuck in a worthless plotline.  Patty talks down to Manuel.  And Flash is nowhere to be seen until the last page or so.  I am starting to wonder if this story arc could have shortened an issue or so as it seems there have been too many diversions that neither added to the story nor worked towards The Flash’s “world building”.

Manapul’s art is always top notch.  I have no complaints there.  I probably sound like a broken record.  I am just in awe of his style.  In this issue, I particularly love panel below.  The use of the panels is just amazing, and gives the image a much more dramatic look.

An average issue, but needed for back story.  It is reminiscent of the “Rogue Profile” issues that Geoff Johns use to do when he wrote The Flash.  I wonder if that is what M&B were going for.

Oh, and before I forget: in DC lore, Central City and Keystone City are located on the Kansas/Missouri border.  Perhaps I’m ignorant of this geography, but since when has there ever been Navada-style Badlands in that area?  Seriously.  I really don’t know.

Next: “The Fate of Mob Rule!”


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