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Site Updates: Making it Easier…For You!

If you are a regular visitor to The Culture Cast with Zack & Nick, then you’d might have noticed a few differences around here.  For starters, we have new spiffy banners.  Gives the blog a little dash of color and character.  I also reorganized our categories (which included going back and re-categorizing every post we’ve had thus far) to make things a bit easier to find instead of everything being “uncategorized”.  The biggest update we’ve made around here is the inclusion of pages for our “Features” and “Podcast Episodes”.

These updates are designed to streamline the blog and make it easier for new and long-time followers to find our entries.  The Culture Cast is almost a year old and has well over a hundred posts; it was probably a good idea to archive our material with some better organization.

We’ll probably have a few tweaks here and there as we fine tune some things over the next few weeks.  Until then, enjoy!



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