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PIPA and SOPA Are Bad

As Zack and Kyle can attest, I am not one who is very politically minded.  I have my beliefs, of course, but I am not all that much of an activist.  It is the rare issue that can get me really get me to become vocal against.

PROTECT IP and the Stop Online Piracy Act (PIPA and SOPA) are such issues.

While, on the surface, the bills seem to be good things (stop online piracy – seems like a good idea), the reality is that, if those bills are passed, it can have a long-ranging effect on how the internet is run used.  Sites such as Wikipedia, The Onion, YouTube, message boards, vlogs, blogs, and podcasts (including The Culture Cast with Zack and Nick) could be shut down under these bills.

This is not a good thing (there are better ways to shut us down [such as our general apathy]).

For those reading, I urge you to contact  your local senators or representatives to have them vote against these bills.  If you like to view/read entertainment websites in your free time and are happy with the internet as it currently is, now is  time to do your part to save it.

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